A Chance Encounter with Matthew Rhys While Shooting The Americans

BIiD8IcCcAAlxadI knew that The Americans was filming in studio because of olv. So I had just gotten off on Easter Break and I figured I’d go running and check out if they were actually filming. I was walking down the street in my running gear when someone was crossing the road– turns out it was Noah Emmerich (Stan Beeman). He’s extremely tall and very handsome which should surprise no one. It took me a moment to realize who he was. As soon as I realized, I stopped in my tracks and my eyes widened. He smiled at me, I smiled back and said,

[quote]”..are you who I think you are?” He laughed and said “I think so.” [/quote]

I kept walking. I had no sooner reached the corner where filming was set up when Matthew Rhys walked down the street past me! I stopped and looked at him, fully registering the scene, but I was careful not to give the same reaction I blurted out to Mr. Emmerich. I saw Matthew coming from a distance down the street, so I looked at him as if I had no clue who he was, like he was just anybody on the street.

He was so handsome, and I felt like jumping up and down but I just watched him go down the street. This worked in my favor. He made eye contact with me and checked me out as he went. I was in leggings, a pale pink hat, and sneakers. I think of myself as a pretty cute girl so I feel he was noticing me as he passed by.

He kicked a can twice before entering the cafeteria setup, and looked back at me and smiled before he went inside. For some reason I found that really cute and goofy. I think he assumed I worked on set. I must emphasize how amazing the set crew was! I stayed out the way and didn’t bother anyone, and the lighting technicians/personal assistants/ directors/ were incredibly kind, helpful and accommodating. The lighting director offered to get me food, and we ended up talking about our jobs and hanging out just a little bit.

After a little while spent waiting for people to come out, Noah Emmerich emerged again. I smiled at him, said [quote]”Thanks again for being so nice!” and he said “oh, any time.”[/quote]

Then he took a picture with me and asked me name and shook my hand. So handsome. After that, Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope, director, etc) walked out. He smiled at me and said,

[quote]”Well, hello there!”[/quote]

I smiled back and replied,

[quote]”Hello to you! Hey, I recognize you..”[/quote]

He laughed and said,
[quote]”oh you do? My apologies.”[/quote]

He winked and continued walking. One of the set crew guys noticed me waiting and said,

[quote]”Hey are you waiting for someone?”[/quote]

I nodded, feeling sheepish. He continued,

[quote]”Is it Matt? I’m friends with him, I can get him out here for you.” I said “oh, no, don’t rush him out of his dinner! I can wait, really it’s fine.”[/quote]

The guy got out of his truck and said,

[quote]”nah, I’ll just tell him there’s a fan waiting, he’ll be right out.” I said, “oh my gosh you don’t have to do that!”[/quote]

But he was already walking in. About ten minutes later, Matthew Rhys and the actress who plays Sandra Beeman walked out together. I summoned all my courage and said,

[quote]”Mr. Rhys?”[/quote]

He turned around, recognized me, and smiled.

[quote]”I was wondering, would you be willing to take a photo with me please?”[/quote]

In his delicious welsh accent he responded,

[quote]”Of course!”[/quote]

And ran over to me with a handsome smile on his face. I stammered out that I had felt too shy to ask him the previous three times he had walked past me and he said,

[quote]”oh you don’t need to be shy with me!”[/quote]

With that he put his arm around me and leaned in close to me, and we smiled for the photo. He smelled amazing and his hand lingered on my shoulder. I just about sprinted out of there afterward. As I left I saw him tossing a football around with some personal assistants. If I saw him again I would try to summon some courage and offer to buy him a drink some time.

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  1. you are so lucky I have the biggest crush on Noah Emmerich and he looks like he would be nice and he is hot , hot , hot in my opinion . I like em tall . I would probably have wet my pants had all this happened to me ….LOL .

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