A Letter to Margo Martindale

The Americans Season 1 Episode 13

Oh, Margo. As fans of ‘The Americans’ our adulation for you will always be without limit. Your acting is such a gift to mankind. Your toughness is betrayed only by your slow looking granny persona. You always portray a warm person, someone with a ready hug and a purse full of sweet hard candy. But as we’ve seen in ‘The Americans’, it seems that you carry syringes of tranquilizers and razor sharp blades. If we could do a genealogy study, I’m confident that I could trace ‘Dexter Morgan’ to your ‘Granny’.

But Margo, you’re so talented, and an Emmy somewhere in your house or office is proof of that. Maybe it’s on display, or a door stop, a paper weight perhaps, or a ready to grab weapon that’s lying underneath your bed. Whatever purpose it serves you, I’m quite sure that it’s a reminder of your ability and prowess. And that is the reason why you are now moving to a network and having a starring role in a new sitcom entitled ‘The Millers’.

You’re joining the wonderful Beau Bridges and Will Arnett who are successful in their own right except for establishing their selves as bankable stars in their recent efforts to entertain the people with comedy. Mr. Bridges’ show ‘The Goodwin Games’ only lasted 7 episodes. Will Arnett, successful with ‘Arrested Development’ still fails to make a hit of his own with his shows ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Running Wilde’. But they’re very talented actors and I’m sure that with your addition to this show, will only it ten times better.

Just remember that although you will be having less time with ‘The Americans’ it doesn’t mean that we will be having less time for you. We will be watching your pilot episode and we’ll give you our full support. Congratulations and we wish you the best of luck!

Margo is included in nytimes.com’s article about TV actors who defied expectations. You can read the article by clicking on this link.


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