The Americans Season 2 Episode 12 Review Operation Chronicle



As we’re getting closer to the season 2 finale, Larrick is also getting closer to Jared and the Jennings. Since Larrick is watching Jared’s every move, he had the chance to follow not only Jared but also Elizabeth who had instructions to get the kid out.

It’s still a mystery why the late Kate met with Jarred without any disguises. It’s also a surprise to know that the kid knows about his parent’s real job. This is important because if Larrick grabs a hold of him, the poor boy, who doesn’t have too much training (assumingly) may spill everything that he knows about his parents and everything related with the illegals operation.

Another interesting thing is that Larrick chose to pursue Jared instead of following Elizabeth. When you think of it, Larrick will have no problem following the kid because his prey is not a full-fledged spy. And we also now know that Larrick can get more information because Jared is going to a safe house which is potentially a good place to acquire more information about the illegals.

Enough about sociopathic pilots and let’s move on to the Jennings who are having a lot of 1st world daughter problems. As I feared at the beginning of the 2nd season, Paige is becoming a Skyler White character. She has the right to suspect and question her parents but her anger is misplaced. This makes her very annoying to the audience especially the time when she tried to eavesdrop on her parents while being on the phone (even in real life what she did is very annoying). My beef with her also comes from the fact that she has a pretty good life. Big house, nice cars, she’s also pretty and probably popular in her school, but she still feels something is missing so she does things to answer the mysteries surrounding her life.

This is opposite of what Martha is doing with her married life. On a certain degree, she accepted her scenario that her husband is gone most of the time and she can’t change her job, so what she did is stole a bunch of documents for her husband and told him that she loves him, toupee and all. What! Shocker right? “How long have you known?” is all Clark can say after the big reveal. After some love making, Martha wonders aloud if she and Clark are ready to have a family. Clark’s answer, no.

Perhaps the biggest thing that happened on this episode is Operation Chronicle. Finally Agent Stan Beeman of the FBI found his limits when it comes to betraying his beloved country. Of course nothing is set in stone just yet but his actions are suggesting that he really wants the program “Echo”. Even if it seems that Beeman is dedicated with his side mission, Nina is given an option to escape everything by his new lover Oleg. The big question is, will the 2nd season end with Nina escaping and Stan betraying his country for nothing? Or will we be blown away by the things that we will see on the finale? I guess we’ll need to wait and see.

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