Are Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Dating?


Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are playing the lead couple in The Americans on FX, but could a romance be burning off screen? The latest gossip from the New York Post says that they’re also a couple in real life! According to, “Keri Russell is spending a lot of time with her co-star Matthew Rhys after announcing her divorce — sparking rumors the pair are embarking on a romance.”

The website also claims they have sources proving that Russell and Rhys actually have a relationship other than being co-stars. Their sources say that Ms. Russell has been seen “looking affectionate” with Mr. Rhys. One source who saw the duo having an intimate lunch at an ABC kitchen was quoted, “Seeing the way they are together I could have sworn they were a couple. They were so touchy-feely, drinking and laughing.” Another source says that the former Felicity star and the Welsh actor have grown so close that they have been spending time with each other’s families.

Matthew Rhys is known to be single while Keri Russell has recently announced a divorce from Shane Deary, her husband of seven years.

Russell and Rhys are both filming in New York for the 2nd season of the spy drama The Americans. The show has announced their second season premiere date, which is set to air February 26th, 2014, at 10pm.

The representatives of Ms. Russell and Mr. Rhys have been contacted by but they didn’t receive any replies.

Not long ago it was reported that two men had burglarized Ms. Russell’s home. After that incident, representatives of Ms. Russell announced her divorce with her husband. They said “They have been separated since early summer. The separation is amicable and their focus is on their children.” Russell and Deary have two children; River aged 6, and Willa, aged 2.

Matthew Rhys, on the other hand, is single. Rhys is famous for being part of Brothers & Sisters and a respected actor in his country. He will soon play the role of Mr. Darcy in BBC’s Death Comes to Pemberley. Mr. Rhys talked about his bachelorhood in the UK newspaper metro saying “I am lucky in a way because I am still single — much to my mother’s fury — so I can embrace the gypsy lifestyle [of an actor] and enjoy it. Many of my friends now have wives and kids, and they find juggling the two incredibly hard.”

In a 2012 interview he also said “My mother’s despairing. In the last year-and-a-half I haven’t been in the same place for more than six months . . . but, yeah, I do enjoy the single life. Also I haven’t met her yet, so . . . until then . . . ”

As of now, Keri Russell and Shane Deary’s divorce is going smoothly… so far. Mr. Deary spent Christmas Eve with the kids Willa and River while December 25th was spent with Ms. Russell. The kids were reported to be “very happy” to see their mother.

  1. First off, it should say, “ARE Keri Russel and Matthew Rys dating?” . Second, she is fresh from the divorce announcement from HER husband, not his. Are there no editors with pages such as these, or do they just not teach English composition in schools anymore???

  2. That is, Keri Rusell, with two l’s.

  3. Oops, that’s embarrassing. Thanks for pointing out the mistakes and for the comments.

  4. I doubt it. Matthew Rhys is gay.

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