Assad Regime behind Chemical Attack


With all of the superficial things that’s been happening in the world, it’s easy to not focus on what’s occurring at the moment. The people of Syria have been attacked and killed with chemical weapons and according to a UN report, there is big evidence that points out that the one responsible is Syria’s own President Bashar Assad. Now you may know what is currently happening. Although the coverage is widespread, most of the people are still ignorant of how much this means. Apparently, chemical weapons is a “red line”, one which must not be crossed. The question is why? Because it’s unfamiliar, and the ability of it to create fear and paranoia is great. A chemical weapon, is still a weapon. Nothing different from bullets and bombs. But the US has voiced its intention to bomb Syria over this incident, and as a world leader, most people are looking up to it to do something. On the other side, people want nothing to do with the war at Syria. It may become another reason for America to interject into another country’s problem, which according to some, can become another chance for the US to start another war.

But so far, the attack hasn’t been done yet, which according to US government will be small and swift. Russia has threatened the US saying that if an attack exists, they will bomb Saudi Arabia. If all the threats of bombings and attacks are coming to fruition, we are looking at another world war. With Russia and America’s cold war over, there might be just enough reason for the two countries to exchange bombs. But a silver lining still exists, as both countries want one thing, for Syria to give up its chemical weapons which so far has killed 1,400 in the last attack alone.

  1. Actually, there is more evidence that the rebels were behind the chemical attack. Turkey caught rebels heading to Syria with the same type of chemical weapons months ago, and 1 group of rebels has claimed responsibility for the attack claiming they got the chemical weapons (which were in unmarked artillery shells) from Saudi Arabia, and did not know that they were chemical weapons. The UN report does NOT say Assads regime deployed Chemical weapons, only that chemical weapons were indeed used. Not to mention, at least 2 of the larger rebel groups in Syria (that we would be aiding in any attack on Syria) are known Al-Qaeda groups. One of them was actually formed to fight US troops in Iraq, and only moved to Syria when US troops left Iraq.

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