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It's evident from The Americans review, the show is not losing steam. Episode 3 - 'Gregory'- did not disappoint this week as the show opened up two new cans of ...


The powerful period drama The Americans FX has been renewed for a second season and we couldn't be happier. This news, of course, was expected considering The ...


Ever since The Americans FX show hit the scene, millions of people have a new-found fascination with American spy history and artifacts. Certainly, you could ...


If you're not already in love with Matthew Rhys' character, Phillip, on The Americans FX- you will be after reading this. Picture it. Matthew and Keri are ...


One thing is certain. The Americans FX music producers have the 80s soundtrack down pat. Remember the group Quarterflash? Neither do we. But we sure do ...


In the first episode of The Americans FX TV show, we see the sexual sides of Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) set to Phil ...


Love the music from The Americans  FX TV show? You're not alone. Here's the famous Fleetwood Mac song from the series premiere. Fleetwood Mac's jittery 1979 ...


As we watch The Americans FX, there has been renewed interest in spies - especially women spies. Women are just naturally born spies.  It's in their DNA. Aside ...


What it is it about The Americans that's so thrilling? Is it the spy factor? The complicated marriage between Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings? Or both? Check ...


It isn't FX that decides whether they a hit on their hands, it's the fans. And, the fans of The Americans  have weighed in: The show is a smashing success! As ...

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  1. Yep, shows tend to do that. Some people who watch ‘Dexter’ were also inspired to, lets just say, draw some blood.

  2. Actually, there is more evidence that the rebels were behind the chemical attack. Turkey caught rebels heading to Syria with the same type of chemical weapons months ago, and 1 group of rebels has claimed responsibility for the attack claiming they got the chemical weapons (which were in unmarked artillery shells) from Saudi Arabia, and did not know that they were chemical weapons. The UN report does NOT say Assads regime deployed Chemical weapons, only that chemical weapons were indeed used. Not to mention, at least 2 of the larger rebel groups in Syria (that we would be aiding in any attack on Syria) are known Al-Qaeda groups. One of them was actually formed to fight US troops in Iraq, and only moved to Syria when US troops left Iraq.

  3. Oops, that’s embarrassing. Thanks for pointing out the mistakes and for the comments.

  4. I in no way meant to suggest that the “office grunt” job wasn’t fascinating or instrumental in our National Security… I just meant that you didn’t get to sip martinis in tuxedo’s while driving Aston Martins. Thus making the job more ho-hum to the couch analysts 😉

  5. Sheila, not sure what you are talking about, we don’t charge for anything here, nor do we have anything to do with whether or not the episodes are available to watch.
    We do have a good post on watching the episodes online for free here:
    Please not this article is a bit old, but we do try to keep it up to date.
    You can always use the link on the right side to purchase all the episodes from iTunes. They are also on amazon.

  6. Thanks Lyle!

  7. Thanks Danny! Homeland is a good show, but it went downhill during the last episodes of the 2nd season. I do hope they make it good again.

  8. Hahaha, your comment made me lol Alfred!

  9. Thanks, and give it another try, The Americans is really good! 🙂

  10. Sure, thanks Barry!

  11. Thanks Steven!

  12. Hi Jamie, thanks for the comment. Homeland isn’t canceled yet, but in my opinion it should be. Hehe. As for your question, when shows push some kind of Agenda, they have a target market. I may not agree with them but at least they have the balls to make a stand by having their own agenda.

  13. I think they’re taping season 2, it will be shown January of next year. Meanwhile, you can watch some episodes by checking out this link:

  14. Hi Carol, here is a link that will really help you: Cheers!

  15. The show runners always say that this show is centered on the Jennings. Great shows do have that feel, their great even without the add-ons, but when you realize that they do have extra stuff, it becomes so much more interesting.

  16. Thanks for the info Peter!

  17. Nice observation Harold! Well, it’s better to be nominated and not win, than not to be nominated at all.

  18. Well, award shows are pretty political. We don’t exactly know why they didn’t nominate The Americans for other categories, but 1 thing is for sure, they have shown how poor their tastes are.

  19. Hi Mandy! If you have an advanced copy of Homeland season 3, can I borrow it? Hehe, season 3 of Homeland will be out this September. But thanks for agreeing with me, Homeland really became boring and a pain to watch. I still have hope for them though! 🙂

  20. Yep, season 2 is on the way, but it’s still so far away… Honestly, I can’t wait for the 2nd season! Let’s just hope that they can get nominated next year, fingers crossed! 🙂

  21. January 2014

  22. ‘The Americans’ has guaranteed its return with Season 2 for 2014!

  23. Glad you enjoyed the post!