Capturing The 80’S Look on The Americans with Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys

Sure The Americans won’t return until January of next year for the anticipated third season but brilliant costume designer Jenny Gering opened up about creating the memorable characters, however keeping the spies off of the radar screen, that which is according to the storyline. Meanwhile, star Matthew Rhys chimes in as well.

The Cold War spy drama was set in the 80’s which had a very unique feel in a unique time. “It was a decade and an administration that reveled in society, and as such, social events were well-documented and gave a view to certain aspects of life in DC,” Gering initiated in the Washington interview.

Keri Russell has say in her character’s wardrobe, so here’s the run down

Gering shared on the main cast’s choice of wardrobe for the show. “Her goal is to blend in and look as normal as possible, referring to award winning actress and Emmy nominee Keri Russel who who plays a pseudo wife spy. “She doesn’t need to be a wallflower, but she never wants to appear unusual,” Gering added.  “Keri always has a say in her costumes. Her role is very physically demanding, and she needs to be able to do stunts if necessary. She also knows what she wants to express through her characters; we work together to make that happen,” as Gering details in an interview.

On her recent interviews, Keri admits, her choice of clothes are very limited in Felicity as she tries to maintain her innocent and young student image, while as a spy, she gets to wear high end clothing as she tries to be in different characters. Not to mention the colorful wig, the boots, and all the drama.

How Rhys pulls off the different looks

Rhys and Russell play a Soviet spy couple posing as a suburban Americans. In the line of duty, Rhys assumes numerous other personas, relying on an impressive array of wigs, facial hair and eyewear to maintain his cover.

He dons the authentic 1980s hair and makeup, but it’s Rhys who deserves the credit for pulling off such remarkable dramatic contortions.

“I’m always trying to find what’s the truth in this moment,” says Rhys.“There’s something in Philip who’s always figuring out his place,” says Joel Fields, executive producer of The Americans to the Star.“I sometimes wonder whether that is deeply imprinted in Matthew’s soul somehow. I can’t help but feel there is something in that Welsh upbringing, in the culture of being an outsider inside a larger country, being Welsh in Great Britain, that goes to the way he comes at acting in general and this role in particular.”

“It’s the sort we’ve never seen before, two people who’ve been together for ‘x’ amount of years and now beginning to forge a real relationship. The spy stuff was just a bonus,” Rhys explains to The Star.

Production resumes and we expect more news as the series opening nears, we probably won’t get too excited if the wardrobes are the only things that concern us, we still haven’t forgotten all of the questions hanging from our heads since we got off last season.

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