Fall TV 2013 Renewal and Cancellation

10-30-2013 4-26-01 PM

Since there will be no new ‘The Americans’ episodes till February of next year, let’s take a look at what’s happening on TV right now.

The fall season has introduced a lot of great new shows continuing the present Golden Age of TV. One of the greats includes NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ which stars James Spader and Megan Boone. If you haven’t seen it, give it a whirl because it’s one of the most intelligently written shows of today. They always have twists and turns which from a writer’s point of view is hard to do. NBC scored with this one and failed on everything else.

NBC has introduced a lot of new sitcoms ‘The Michael J. Fox Show’, ‘Sean Saves the World’, and ‘Welcome to the Family’. Mr. Fox’s new show has been ordered for a full season, the 2nd from the list is still on limbo while, ‘Family’ has been cancelled. Also on cancellation island, ‘Ironside’ was cut from the air after 3 weeks. NBC has been known for their Thursday comedy line ups but since the departure of ’30 Rock’, ‘The Office’, and now with ‘Parks and Rec’s 3 week hiatus, the peacock network has officially lost the fight for fall comedy dominance. I’m still rooting for them as one of my favorite shows, ‘Community’ will return next year. I say this with love, NBC is run by idiots.

Over on the FOX network ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ was a darling among the critics and has been awarded a 2nd season. ‘Brooklyn’ is the best show this fall a total opposite of ‘Dads’ which is a repulsive and unfunny show. I can say with total confidence that ‘Dads’ is the worst show I’ve seen. It doesn’t even deserve the laugh track played every time they say anything remotely funny. I now sit here in front of my computer wishing that I could get my 30 minutes back from watching ‘Dads’. ‘Surviving Jack’ Fox’s new midseason sitcom will be airing after ‘American Idol’ a move that is seen as a vote of confidence from the network.

Over at Netflix, ‘House of Cards’ will be having its 2nd season. Rumors were going around that the show would be only going on for 2 seasons but Netflix is negotiating for a third.

And to End, ‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Suther has been planning to end the show after next season although he is not entirely sure if it will be followed by another one. The way the show is being done today, I can still continue watching it, but 7 or 8 seasons? A line should be drawn, but for now, I guess it’s still blurry.

‘The Americans’ is currently shooting their sophomore season and will air the premiere on February 2014 at FX.

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