First Full Promo for The Americans Season 2

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Finally, less than a month from the premiere of Season 2, the first full promo has been released. Previous teasers (links below) have been a mixture of Season 1 clips, Season 2 clips, and scenes shot specifically for advertisement. The video focuses primarily on the future of the Jennings family and how this core familial relationship will take the focus of Season 2. The writers have spoken about these dynamics at the Television Critics Association earlier this month, explaining that while Season 1 focused on the development of Philip and Elizabeth, the second season will feature more heavily on the family. (source) The continuation of the cliffhanger at the close of the season finale will also play heavily, with Paige seeking more answers about her suspicions. Spoilers have also been released regarding Henry’s role during an impromptu mission. (source)

This promo video begins with the reuniting of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) with her children following her recovery from surgery, with Philip (Matthew Rhys) admonishing “Don’t jump on your mother.” The video continues with Elizabeth expressing her fears to Philip, “All these years I’ve never really worried if Paige and Henry were going to be safe, I always knew that was a risk. I mean how are we going to live like this? What are we going to look out the window every night for the rest of our lives?” The voice-over is interspersed with clips of Elizabeth, Paige and Henry on the streets of Washington D.C, Elizabeth peering carefully out the window and Stan in his car. Philip then replies “We’ll get used to it like we’ve gotten used to everything else.” Shots of what we may assume as a mission gone wrong is included with a man pointing a gun towards Philip in a disguise last seen in the pilot (Remember the sausage?). The promo finishes with Philip saying “Paige and Henry” in a worried tone.

Seven fabulous previous teasers have been released prior to this promo: Bed, The Kiss, Free Flag, Stripes, Rules, Dinner Table, Hidden. The Americans Season 2 premieres February 26 on FX.

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