FX Renews The Americans for Season 3


Yes! Our favorite spy couple (family?) will be back next year with season 3 of The Americans! Heaven knows this show deserves to go on for as long as it takes. Thanks to FX for bringing one of the most underrated shows ever for at least next year. Although I’m really not that surprised, the ratings of The Americans have been falling (so better watch people). However, the DVR numbers for the show upsize the show’s ratings according to FX networks CEO John Landgraf.

Also, according to the FX exec, the first season of The Americans was rushed to various reasons.

“In the 10 years we’ve worked together there have been a few occasions when we picked up a show and then we had a date we had to back into,” Landgraf said. “The Americans is an example, between the scheduling and the fact that they had fairly short prep time in the writing and then Hurricane Sandy just wiped out the [Brooklyn] production offices. It was a really brutal first season … and I think we were very fortunate to come out of it.

“And you just look at Season 2 … just that extra few weeks in the writers’ room, going into production—that amount of time has made a huge difference in everything: in the writing, in the production design, everything.”

There are some who are speculating that the show will have a “Breaking Bad” effect because the AMC show also had slow early seasons but became the best show on TV history. FX hopes that The Americans can replicate this effect and be more popular on the next seasons with the help of word of mouth, and different viewing platforms like paid streaming services.

Speaking of different viewing platforms, piracy can also help with the spreading of The Americans’ popularity. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones surely got a boost thanks to file sharing. Although not legal, it has its good points in terms of a show’s fame.

For now, let’s rejoice for the fact that Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Noah Emmerich, Margo Martindale, Annet Mahendru, Susan Misner, Alison Wright, Costa Ronin, and the others will be back for a 3rd season. I don’t want to start the speculating because season 2 is still going on, so I’ll just reiterate my joy and my thanks to FX for continuing one of my favorite shows.

FX is surely one of the best networks right now thanks to its unique approach to TV programs. I watch almost everything on FX including Justified, Archer, American Horror Story, Legit, Louie, Wilfred, and Fargo. Not only are FX shows very entertaining, they are also critically acclaimed. And they will be increasing their original programming together with their spin-off network FXX. Here’s to FX, FXX, and The Americans, may you continue making the best decisions and keeping us entertained.

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