FX Sets The Americans Schedule


FX has set the schedule for the long awaited 2nd season of the critically acclaimed spy drama The Americans. Aside from the espionage thriller, the norm defiant cable network has released the schedules of their other great shows including the hilarious animated show Archer, the new show Chozen, and Emmy award winning drama Justified. Chozen was supposed to be moved to FXX but FX decided to keep it on their original cable channel. FXX will have their own comedy show in the form of Ali G: Rezurection which will be paired with another great comedy Legit. Chuck Saftler, the President of Program Strategy and COO of FX networks made the announcement:

“Winter has become an incredibly active time for the launch of original series for FX Networks,” said Saftler. “FXX provides us with greater scheduling flexibility and our recent deal for Ali G: Rezurection created a strategic opportunity to pair it with Legit, two compatible shows that will play very well together.  This allows us the opportunity to use Archer – our highest-rated comedy – as a powerful launch springboard for Chozen and help us build our animation brand.”

Justified Season 5 is set on Tuesday, January 7 2014, 10 PM on FX

Honestly, I haven’t seen a single lick of Justified because apparently I’m a huge dumbass. This show has been getting rave reviews and Emmy’s left and right. Heck, this is where Margo Martindale got her first Emmy! There are just so many good shows and so little time. After its finale, I might do a marathon and watch it for two days, no breaks!

Archer season 5 premieres on Monday, January 13 2014, 10 PM on FX

There has been a shortage of good comedy shows on network TV right now and don’t get me started on Seth McFarlane. Good thing is, there’s Archer! Archer has been one of the most original shows in recent years. Great animation, action, and unique comedy. If you haven’t seen it yet then congratulations, watch it now and be prepared for four seasons of awesomeness. Danger Zone!

Chozen will make its debut on Monday, January 13 2014, 10:30 PM on FX

Chozen is about a gay white rapper who was recently released from prison. The animation studio that creates Archer will also draw the series. Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Burress, Nick Swardson, and Method Man are some of the names that will provide voices. Adam Reed and Matt Thomspon of Archer are executive producers.

The Americans Season 2 will air on February

Yep, nothing more. The exact date hasn’t been released yet but at least we can time the days of reminiscing about Matthew Rhys’s mustache and Keri Russell’s hot momma pants.

Legit Season 2 and Ali G: Rezurection will air on FXX in February

Personally, legit had great episodes, especially the first, the last, and the one where Jim Jefferies tries to explain arm rest etiquette to a plane full of people. There was also one episode where he hid a politician’s wife inside his luggage which he put on his car’s compartment. It’s really funny and talks about the not so funny topics like paralysis and mental disorders.

I haven’t seen Ali G yet but people are saying great things about it. Good thing FXX brings it back to the air on February.


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