Keri and Matthew Get in Bed Together

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Before you get your hopes up, it was for a new promotional video for The Americans and not in real life. Well, after Keri Russell’s recent separation with his husband Shane Deary, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings have been seen around New York getting lunch and “looking like a sweet couple.”

If you want to see the new promotional video, click this link.

The video starts off with Philip and Elizabeth in bed sleeping. They start to move as the apt background music plays (Russian by Sting). As they move, they create a blurry image that resembles the hammer and the sickle, a known Russian symbol.

About their rumored romance, it’s not unheard of for actors to fall for each other when they are in close proximity. Famous examples of celebrities who fell in love on the job are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, and the list goes on.

Keri Russell has been married to his former beau for seven years having two children River (6 yearsof age) and Willa (almost 2 years old). After the report of Russell’s house being burglarized, representatives of The Americans star announced that she will be divorcing Mr. Dreary.

Now the question is, is Mr. Rhys one of the biggest reasons for the split? Reports have said that the actors have been seen “looking affectionate” with each other. One source who said that the two have been spotted sharing an intimate lunch at ABC Kitchen told “Seeing the way they are together I could have sworn they were a couple. They were so touchy-feely, drinking and laughing.”

Other sources have said that the duo have grown much closer after they have met each other’s families. Another source reports ‘They looked very much like a couple, they were laughing and walking closely together.’

Russell and Rhys are currently filming the 2nd season of The Americans, which will be shown in February 26, 10 PM on FX. Representatives of the two declined to comment on the said issue.

In early December, it has been reported that Ms. Russell and his husband have separated. “They have been separated since early summer. The separation is amicable and their focus is on their children.” Ms. Russell’s spokesperson said.

Matthew Rhys, 39 years old, is a bachelor and has recently talked about his single status. “I am lucky in a way because I am still single — much to my mother’s fury — so I can embrace the gypsy lifestyle [of an actor] and enjoy it. Many of my friends now have wives and kids, and they find juggling the two incredibly hard.”

He has also commented about what his mother thinks on his decision to stay unmarried: “My mother’s despairing. In the last year-and-a-half I haven’t been in the same place for more than six months . . . but, yeah, I do enjoy the single life. Also I haven’t met her yet, so . . . until then . . . ”

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