Keri Russell Admits Style Deficit on Felicity


FX show The Americans star Keri Russell talks about her  red carpet fashion evolution, what she wears on  laid back days, slouching on couch and the cooling thing she has ever bought.

On the red carpet, Keri Russell is a sensation. She has a contagious aura that stands out among Hollywood’s pokerfaced leading actresses.  She flaunts her sexy style like no other with low-cut tops, leather skin jackets and fabulous high heels. This is what we call hard core glamour.

But this seemingly high end beauty and personality on screen is sort of different off cam. Keri, who has two kids chuckled while saying, “You know what I’ve been wearing? My gray ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ T-shirt and some baggy shorts.”

During the launch party at the Altuzarra for Target, Russell revealed to that she suffers a bit from fashion world imposter syndrome. “You know, there’s someone professional getting you ready. It’s a whole other thing,” she says. “This is work, you know what I mean? But there are aspects of this business that have taught me about enjoying part of it, like the makeup and wearing high heels, in a way that I never used to. And you learn to like it,” she added.

In an interview, Keri narrated those days when she was a neophyte to fashion. She did not even fully understand that time how important it was. With the show Felicity, in which she played the lead role, she recalled having poor insight about style and all that. She exclaimed, “I didn’t have any style. I was just like, Don’t put make-up on me! It changes me! Don’t do my hair!”

Getting exposed to Hollywood over the years, Russell’s attitude changed about dressing up. FX’s hit series The Americans and her sophisticated role there as a soviet spy paved her way to be open on more cosmetic applications on her face. “I got really into really clumpy mascara and serious eyeliner,” she says of her character’s signature smokey cat-eyes. She is convinced that this look helps build up the character’s image.

And because of peer pressure, she was forced to try out those leather jackets which originally did not have any space in her closet. She explained, “I was like, I would never wear leather pants! And I have worn those dang leather pants about 35 times. They’re so good!”

Keri was featured in the Brooklyn Magazine wearing Saint Laurent Dresses and Céline shoes. The actress shared the things she loves namely; coffee, sandwiches, Brooklyn, and beer with a specification and that is:  preferably “yummy IPA beer”. And on the magazine she expressed how much she loves her bike. She told the magazine, “I love my bike! I’m not going to hide it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!”

On the other hand she said she’s not a fan of parenting books, “My kids are old now, and so I don’t read parenting books or anything. I’m like, ‘Parenting books? I don’t want to talk about parenting books! I want to talk about cool sex books.”

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