Keri Russell Wears Blonde Hairpiece on the Set of The Americans

Keri Russell has transformed again in AKA 70’s babe as she wears another retro-style wig on the set of Fx’s spy drama The Americans. We’ve already seen her in a vamp’s vixen shoes, mind the geeky girl plus the eyeglasses as she play Russian KGB spy Elizabeth James.

Once again Keri Russell made an unrecognizable comeback (thanks to the hair) on the New York set of the action-packed Cold War crime drama, this time wearing a Seventies-style shag. The Felicity star covered up her own long locks with a less than flattering hair piece as she got to work in New York for the shoot of the 3rd season of the spy drama series.

Keri’s blonde bowl-like crop was curled at the ends, giving it a distinct retro vibe. Braving the chilly streets of Brooklyn, Russell breezes up in multiple layers, including a knit top, a brown speckled suit and a padded navy jacket. Wearing minimal make-up, the 37-yeaer-old also revealed her flawless, almost line-free skin.

The actress was seen filming alongside Matthew Rhys, who plays her on-screen husband. The rumored American Sweetheart, who generated controversy for cutting off her long curly locks during her Felicity years, says she loves playing such a cold character for a change. She told the National Post earlier that

“The character also interests me”. She continues, “I like that she is sort of cold in some ways and that she is not the best mom.” She added, “I think she will grow into becoming a better mom, but I think that is compelling to me and not something I normally get to do.”

Keri further added, “Most importantly, the biggest interest point for me was the idea of this complicated marriage within the context of a spy world. To me, at its heart it’s really a show about a marriage in this very extreme situation. The spy stuff allows it to be very high stakes, but the marriage itself is fascinating.” “To be chosen for each other through this arranged marriage and then have this whole life together and just now really starting to choose each other interests me.”

Last month, the Golden Globe winner revealed that she and onscreen husband Matthew Rhys have names for each of their wigs. “We name them all; among our favorite of Matthew’s is one in particular we call Fernando,’ Keri said at New York Comic Con – reported Vulture. And he speaks with a very low Spanish accent.”

As Russell was getting a touch-up among takes, she sweetly held her daughter Willa. “She does care what she wears in the morning” . The former Mouseketeer said of her mini fashionista, “When I have a stylist over, she wants to try everything on. She wraps around her head and neck. It’s very sweet”

“I can still override her in her two-ness, but she does have an opinion”.


Not seen on set was Keri’s co-star, the 40-year-old Welshman, who was forced to deny earlier having a romantic relationship with her to his own mother.

The Austenland actress will reprise her role as KGB agent Elizabeth Jennings (aka Nadezhda) on the 13-episode third season of The Americans, which premieres January on FX.

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