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Lev Gorens

Born on: 1971

Birthplace: Oneonta, New York, USA

Actor Since: 1999

Lev Gorn has performed in TV series such as, The Wire (2003) in episodes: UndertowAll Prologue, Storm Warnings Stray RoundsBad Dreams and Port in a Storm as Eton Ben-Eleazer, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2003) in episode Escape as N.J. Swat Sharpshooter McKenzieAll My Children (2004) in episode: 1.8831 as Miles, Third Watch (2005) in episode: The Kitchen Sink as Kirt LangLaw & Order: Trial by Jury (2005) in episode: The Abominable Showman as Mr. Dushinsky, As the World Turns (2006) in episodes: 78920, 23 and 24, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2004-2006) in episodes: Semi-Detached and Wasichu as Anton/Mr. Gregorian, Brotherhood (2006) in episode: Matthew 5:6 as Pravsha Pishenkov, Street Fighter: The Later Years (2007-2008) in episodes: and 1.9 as Ken Masters, Guiding Light (2009) in episode: 1.15624 as Mr. Kovac, Bored to Death (2009) in episode: The Case of the Lonely White Dove as Dimitri, Trenches (2010) in episodes: Behind Enemy Lines, Field PromotionFubarDead ReckoningShallow GraveWhisky Tango Foxtrot, The SuckSnafuDefecation Hits the Oscillation and Charlie Foxtrot as
 Cpl. Traina. 

Lev Gorn also performed in various different movies such as, Sucker Punch (2003) Ivan, Unbridled (2005) as Alex, New Liberty (2005) as Roy,  Nicky’s Game (2005) as Syrian Sal, Joe Mover (2008) as Nicky, Saint Nick (2008) as Ivan, Knife Point (2009) as Gerry, Exile (2009) as Adam, Bronx Paradise (2010) as Manny, Blue Collar Boys (2012) as Ira and for 2013, we suggest you catch up Lev Gorn’s appearing as Dominic Salerno Jr. in Last I Heard.

In 2008, Lev Gorn produced and directed Joe Mover and Ten: Thirty One.

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