Margo Martindale Confident on Her Season 2 Return

9-24-2013 10-05-48 PM

Margo Martindale has been all around TV lately. Last Sunday, she presented the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor/Actress in a comedy together with her co-star Will Arnett. They also did a funny bit about their new CBS show ‘The Millers’. Margo has been known as a great dramatic actress so her move to comedy is a bit of a surprise.

“It’s fun to be wild again. Comedy’s all about music, and I absolutely love music,” said Ms. Martindale. She also has this to add to those who look down at actors who move from drama to comedy:

“The thing that’s interesting to me is that so many people applaud actresses who go from comedy to drama, but they weirdly look down on actresses who go from drama to comedy. Comedy’s hard. It takes a lot of muscles to make it look easy.”

And for fans of Showtime, Ms. Martindale also briefly appeared in the new drama ‘Masters of Sex’. She was clearly just a guest on the show but her brief appearance made the drama so much better.

Even though she is starring in ‘The Millers’ we, the loyal fans of ‘The Americans’ are still hoping to see “Granny” on the next season which will start filming this October. So far, no official word has come out but Ms. Martindale is confident that ‘The Americans’ staff will find a way to accommodate her for the sophomore season. She has this to say regarding her return.

“That’s certainly not over for me, which is a good thing.”

Adding to this statement, ‘The Americans’ showrunners, Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields gave a positive answer about the return of Ms. Martindale’s character “Claudia”.

Fields: “As for Claudia, boy, we love Claudia and we love Margo Martindale. You know, we know that there’s some pilot that we’ve been told about, some CBS, little startup — I don’t even know that you could call it a network — but the KGB has a very, very long reach and we believe that when given the opportunity, they will return Claudia to her rightful position doing what it is she should be doing”.

Weisberg: “If they know what’s best for them, right?”

Fields: “Exactly”.

Overall, the chances are high that we will see Margo Martindale return for the 2nd season of ‘The Americans’. We also hope and pray that she does well on her new endeavors. Good luck Margo!

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