Margo Martindale Will Return on Season 2

9-24-2013 10-05-48 PM

It’s official! Margo Martindale will return on Season 2 of FX’s ‘The Americans’. From TV Line –

“Sources say this intel is very strong,” executive producer Joel Fields cheekily confirms, adding, “She’ll be back for at least one episode.”

At least one episode? I’d take that, better than nothing as they say. I hope they center the whole episode on Claudia. I can imagine it clearly. Claudia on a mission, talking to different people like Phillip and Elizabeth while having flashbacks of her younger self when she was still in Russia. I wish I could also see what she does on her off-time, when she’s not concerned with handling the Jennings. I bet her cover is a sweet old lady that carries hard candy on her purse always.

Anyway, we all know Ms. Martindale is busy with her own network sitcom, ‘The Millers’ and I guess things are going great for her because it hasn’t been cancelled yet. If you haven’t seen a lick of it, Margo is still excellent in comedy. She’s like the Meryl Streep of TV, she’s great at anything. Great as she may be, due to her busy schedule, she can’t appear too much in ‘The Americans’. But she will work around her busy schedule to come back for the 2nd season, which will air early 2014.

With this knowledge, we can intellectually guess what this means for the show. She’s either going to have a short screen time or a longer one that will affect the story in a big way. She can also return just to get killed, be sent to prison, or get sent back to Russia, just for tying loose ends which I hope doesn’t happen. One reason why ‘The Americans’ is such a hit is it’s abundance of interesting characters. If Granny Claudia gets killed in the show a lot of people will mourn in real life (including me).

With her success on her new sitcom, a lot of things will change for the 2nd season of ‘The Americans’. We’ve learned that Aimee Carrero will join the sophomore season as a Sandinista freedom fighter which means that the show will tell stories about Nicaraguan Contras. Another slight change will be about the focus of the show. For the first season, ‘The Americans’ was centered on the ups and downs of marriage while the 2nd season will concentrate on the family, kids included. We’ll also see and hear more Russian as the show will introduce more characters from Russia which also means more subtitles.

If you’re itching for Ms. Martindale’s return then for the mean time, you can watch ‘The Millers’ on CBS.

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