Marvel Invades Netflix


Because super heroes don’t believe in over exposure, Marvel is partnering with Netflix to develop new shows based on lesser known hopefully will be known super heroes.

How many forms of entertainment are already based on comic book characters? There’s Arrow, which will be followed up by a show about the scarlet speedster The Flash. Then there’s Marvel’s Agents of Shield who surprisingly have lead characters that don’t have any super powers but deals with world ending scenarios. There are the cartoon shows, and maybe Comic Book Men doesn’t count, and of course there are the movies that pop up ever month or so? Now it all boils down to this, do we really need more super hero entertainment?

If Netflix is doing it, then heck yeah we do!

I’ve been following Arrow very very closely. The CW is very good at making these kinds of shows as proven by Smallville and now by Arrow. Arrow is about the emerald archer (I have a lot of these nick names in the bag so get used to it) Oliver Queen or the Green Arrow which was totally unknown in the general public. But look at Arrow now. They’ve managed to make people wearing tights look cool and sexy. They are going to make another show about The Flash and if they employ the same formula as they did with Smallville and Arrow, they won’t have a problem.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield on the other hand has its ups and downs. They have good episodes and bad and took a while before they hit their stride. I guess you can say they have a descent show, but they can learn a lot of things from Arrow. And I really can’t shake off this annoying fact that in their universe, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-man, and a bunch of other super heroes are present, and they send this team of humans to solve the world’s biggest problems.

And that’s the reason why we need the new Marvel shows on Netflix. Netflix original programming is excellent and has a bit more creative control compared to traditional TV. They don’t need to worry about showing nudity, they can swear a few times, and their level of violence can be taken up a notch. Add a super hero to that mix and you’ll have a pretty interesting combination. Marvel and Netflix are developing shows about Dare Devil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and a miniseries about The Defenders. Yes, Dare Devil has been demoted to a TV show on the internet. The other characters with different levels of popularity have huge TV potential. Each character will have their own series but they will share one location which is Hell’s Kitchen, New York. After the 4 series have unfolded, they will come together and form a super hero team called The Defenders which will be a mini-series.

Everything sound so cool, I just hope Marvel and Netflix makes them interesting like how DC and CW made Arrow a likeable and appealing character.


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