Matthew Rhys Behind Major Patagonia Drama


Aside from playing the role of a super spy couple in the hit show The Americans, Matthew Rhys is also active in theatre activities. Hollywood actor, Matthew Rhys is backing up the drama theatre production which marks the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the Welsh emigrating in Patagonia.

The lead star in the hit show The Americans, Matthew Rhys has been recognized as the ambassador of a major theatre venture to regard the 150th anniversary from the time that the Welsh emigrated to Patagonia.

The Americans actor has a kinship with the South American region. In the year 2000, he first travelled in the area to explore his family ties and ended up creating a video documentary and issuing out a photography journal. He also had starred in director Marc Evans’ 2010 film, Patagonia, alongside Nia Roberts and Duffy.

He discusses how he ended up being part of the film Patagonia in back in 2010: “I went back to Patagonia in search of Paradise and ended up in a film with the Welsh singer Duffy. When you set out on a journey, you never know what’s going to happen and so it was that I found myself with her in the road movie Patagonia, which explores the Welsh connections with this distant community in South America. I also wrote a book. But to begin at the beginning.  I first went to this Welsh region of Argentina in 2000. My visit came about after an uncle had been there a year earlier to investigate whether we had family links with anyone still living there. Welsh Patagonia – known locally as ‘Wladfa’ (in English: ‘the Colony’) – is on the coast of Chubut Province in the far south of Argentina.”

Now he is a representative of a project between the Urdd and Clwyd Theatr Cymru Theatre for Young People which will showcase the expedition to Patagonia from the Mimosa ship in 1865.

The production will provide a chance for fifteen young and promising people from Wales and five from Patagonia to perform jointly.

Matthew Rhys says, “It’s a privilege to be the ambassador of this project which offers invaluable opportunities for young people in Wales and Patagonia. Patagonia is very close to my heart and I have spent several weeks there over the last few years travelling and meeting residents to hear more about their stories and this special country, it’s great that Urdd members have this opportunity to portray the story of 150 years ago. I appreciate all the opportunities I had through the Urdd and various theatre companies throughout my teenage years in Wales and I am delighted to see that these opportunities continue through the Urdd and Clwyd Theatr Cymru.”

The theatre production is influenced by The Spirit of the Mimosa and Patagonia – The Expedition/The Long Journey which were created by project Creative Director, Tim Baker.

Young people from both Wales and Patagonia aged between 16 and 21 years old can now apply to be play role in this theatre production.

The final date for submitting applications is July 18, 2014.

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