Most Gripping Questions for The Americans Season 3


1.         What if Paige Finds Out the Truth about her Parents?

The most shocking and dreadful revelation from the finale was that the Committee is seeking second generation spies. Knowing that the children of their undercover operatives will have more luck at passing the background checks required to join the FBI and CIA, they aim at training them to become KGB agents.

With the turn of events and with Paige slowly unraveling the masks that shadow her parents identity, the big question for next season is, will Paige finally learn the truth? She’s had growing suspicions all season, and is currently seeking a cause in which she can believe in and fight for. Would she be persuaded into becoming a KGB?

2.         Will Nina be killed?

It’s not easy to accept a lost cause if what’s at stake is the lives of your countrymen. It’s a painful cliffhanger and not knowing what will happen just adds up to the spice.

When Stan decided not to hand over the Echo information, he was practically gambling at Nina’s life. And now that the deal was over, we are left with a tiny thread of hope that Stan would man up and do something. Nina’s fate was pre determined, Oleg and Arkady were certain that she would be executed. Despite all her efforts at turning Stan against his own country, she failed.

3.         Will Echo be pursued?

Echo is a computer system that allows the Americans to test designs, and the radar-absorbent material they developed to cloak their planes. Pointing out the Soviets’ intention of gathering more data on the American stealth technology, most of Philip and Elizabeth’s missions are led across uncovering Information on “Echo”.

They succeeded in getting half the job done, thanks to the sacrifice of American-turned-KGB henchman Fred. However, since Stan figured what they’re up to,  and refused to hand over the material, will they manage to complete what they need or will Fred’s death be in vain?

4.         When will Martha find out about Clark?

Martha is either the most naive character or just plainly lost in love when she agrees in marriage with Philip. Though she certainly adds a great deal of comic relief to the sequence, It feels wrong that Philip has gone far to deceive her, wedded and bedded her in high hopes of eventually getting access to the county’s top secrets.  While Philip and Elizabeth are out in the field for frequently violent undercover missions, it’s his nights with Martha that come in heightened suspense and anticipation. It’s only a matter of time and Martha will find the truth, I guess we are more eager to know how she’ll act when she does find out.

5.         When will Stan find out about Martha?

One more equation to be resolved is when will Stan finally figure out that Martha’s behind the bugging of Gad’s office? So far, he’s shown no signs of suspicion and barely even speaks to her when he’s at work. Although it’s a little evident he’s aware what she’s up to. He wouldn’t miss the detail about Martha stuffing files from the mail robot into her purse, of course it’s a nightmare he’s well aware of, but these thoughts still are worth lingering.



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