Music of 'The Americans – Season 1, Episode 8

The 80’s music is one of the many things people LOVE about The Americans FX, and we must admit we can’t blame them. After all, who doesn’t like 80’s music – especially CHEESY 80’s music.

Well “Siamese Twins” by The Cure isn’t exactly cheesy (more like melancholy), but “Love Will Find a Way” by Pablo Cruise sure is. Both songs were featured in the latest episode of The Americans. Let’s have a listen, shall we?




What are some of your favorite songs from the show?

  1. They played Fad Gadget’s “The Box” from 1979 in episode 7! That’s a real rarity, a b-side to the second 7″ released in record label Mute, in fact.

  2. Glad to see there’s a fan site for this show! I’ve been enjoying it so far! Especially the music choices. Speaking of which… Any idea what song was playing in the last episode (covert war) when the ladies were dancing? It’s on the tip of my tongue but lyrics searches weren’t producing any results. Thanks!

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