My Top Shows for 2013


To end this festive week, let’s talk about something positive. We’ve started this week with the worst shows ever but now I will present to you My Top Shows for 2013. In alphabetical order, let’s start with

The Americans

What a surprise! The Americans had a monster 1st season. They’re included in most top ten lists for best shows this year which will just increase the awareness for the critically praised program. Although the 1st season didn’t win an Emmy and again snubbed by the Golden Globes, I’m still hopeful that they will gather enough steam to get noticed next year.

Breaking Bad

No doubt, 2013 was Breaking Bad’s year as it splendidly concluded its 5 year run. It has been lauded as the best show ever or in the history of TV so it’s just common sense to include this superb show on my list.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

On the sitcom side, Brooklyn Nine Nine has proved that it’s the smartest new comedy show this year. With Comedy TV being dominated by Chuck Lorre and the Family block of ABC, it’s refreshing to see a show deviating from usual sitcom tropes. Andy Samberg is just god sent, leading a team of superb actors like Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, Chelseas Perreti to name a few. If you love or like The Office and Parks and Recreation, then it’s no use telling you to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine because chances are you’re already watching it.

Game of Thrones

Any list will be incomplete if Game of Thrones is not in it. No show has done what Game of Thrones has done which is make us completely fall in love with beloved characters and then kill them in some wild fashion. They also make us root for despicable characters which we totally hated at first. Now I’m just afraid that the rest of my favorite characters will also die. To end, George R.R. Martin is a sick, sick man.

Masters of Sex

If the title doesn’t completely entice you to watch this excellent new show then I’ll give you another reason. Lizzy Caplan. Followers of Party Down and avid fans of Mean Girls have known of Caplan’s prowess but she has remained relatively unknown. I have a feeling that Masters of Sex will change Caplan’s anonymity. For the next awards season I hope Masters of Sex is battling it out with The Americans for Best Drama.

Orange is The New Black and House of Cards

I don’t really know why Netflix original shows are so good and so popular. One reason may be because they’re just so well made. Nothing shocking about their premises, it’s just that whenever I watch them, they just capture my attention until the very last moment. If you love TV, I’m sure you agree that Netflix is one great source of programs and has drastically changed how we watch our shows.


If you like an entertaining show full of beautiful people then most likely you’re watching Suits. This award deprived show is better than most of the shows on TV but award show guys are just afraid to nominate a show from USA. Characters welcome, ratings welcome, awards… not a chance.

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