One More Reason to Watch 'The Americans' – A Thumbs-Up from TIME Magazine

Watch The AmericansIf you aren’t yet convinced to watch The Americans simply because you think it’s potential bomb, perhaps this will sway you:

TIME Magazine – yes, the very publication that digs deep into politics, world news, business, and medicine – gives the show its wholehearted endorsement.

Since The Americans debuted on FX in January, TIME Magazine has given the show numerous write-ups… including an interesting read entitled The Real CIA Officer Behind the New Spy Drama The Americans.  Most recently, though, TIME entertainment columnist  gave the 80’s soviet spy drama resounding praise, calling it “distinctive and fresh” despite the fact the show shares so many features with other cable tv dramas.

“One reason, I think, is that while we’ve seen plenty of dramas that ask us to identify with antiheroes or villains, this one embeds us with an actual enemy, represented by characters who do terrible things not out of greed but idealism,” write Poniewozik.

He goes on to write…

“Spy stories often use metaphors of ghost and shadows, but The Americans portrays the secret-agent life as something like a dream-state or a hallucination. As in a dream, you are both creating the fiction and being deceived by it; a love, a child, an entire past can shift from real to fake to uncertain. It’s interesting that Irina never directly says if the child is real or not—”Only duty and honor are real”—as if to say that it’s beside the point. He’s as real as he needs to be in that moment.”

You can read more from Poniewozik’s article here >> Wed Menace; or, the Martial Politics of The Americans.

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