Reasons for The Americans’ Renewal

The American Horror Story, The Americans, Anger Management, The Bridge, Fargo, Justified, Louie, Married, Partners, Saint George, Sons of Anarchy, The Strain, Tyrant, and You’re the Worst are among the FX shows. There are a lot of things that FX executives need to take seriously in mind before renewing a show. One cannot just consider what he or the media thinks about it. He clings on to data as more objective indicator of the show’s success. The most crucial part of data scrutiny is the ratings.

One of the above mentioned tv series is The Americans which first aired in 2013, falls under the genre Drama, Mystery, Crime and Thriller. It is created by Joseph Weisberg and starred by Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys. It is about the chronicles of the complex marriage of two Soviet KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. to scout on the American Government. The creator is also the executive producer along with Joel Fields, Graham Yost, Dan Sackheim , Amblin Television’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. Weisberg worked in the CIA’s directorate of operations from 1990 to 1994. As a former agent, any script written by Weisberg must go in front of the CIA Publications Review Board.

The website revealed the listings of the FX tv shows which ranked The Americans roughly at 7th place with 1.3 million viewers at .49 demographic on its season two.

IMDB rating for The Americans scored 8.2 over 10. Its website also enumerated the top rated episodes which almost scored 9. The Colonel, Episode 13 of Season 1, was rated 8.9. Echo, which is the 13th episode of season 1, also got an 8.9 rating. Marital Eagle, Episode 9 of Season 2, was rated 8.7.

Before The Americans was renewed, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf teased about it at the company’s upfront presentation. It was then that the network was ordered to have 13 episodes on its third season.

“The Americans continues to be one of the best shows on television.  Executive Producers Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields and Graham Yost have done a wonderful job delivering two seasons, and the performances from Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich are stellar. Fans will be blown away by the rest of this season, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.” said FX Networks President of Original Programming Eric Schrier.

“I’m not going to spoil any of the episodes so read on. I’m just saying I’ve been waiting for years for a television series that sets the hook and does not let you go. Very intense, great social issues, Keri Russell is spectacular. I just started Nashville the series this year and thought that was the answer, but The Americans has bumped Nashville down to number 2,”said a fan in a review for The Americans.


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