Refreshing Recap of the Season 2 of The Americans

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Episode 1:Comrades

Elizabeth who just recovered from her injuries arrives in time for Henry’s birthday party at home and tries to restore their everyday life. However, when a routine operation goes askew, she and Philip worry not only for themselves but for their entire network and the safety of their children. Meanwhile, Stan, the FBI’s counter-intelligence officer continues to fall dangerously in love with Nina.

Episode 2:Cardinal

Elizabeth receives a distress signal, and Philip tries to work out what the aftermath of their last operation will be for their family. He also investigates an asset who may have been turned, and could have had a hand in the brutal assassinations.

Episode 3:The Walk In

The spies try to permeate a military contractor’s facility to complete their deceased comrades’ operation and retrieve the specs for a top-secret piece of equipment before it’s shipped to a secure location. As Elizabeth reflects on her history with Leanne, she wrestles with keeping a promise she made to her old friend long ago, but Philip fears recent events have weakened his wife’s dedication to their ongoing operation. Meanwhile Paige started digging into her mother’s background.

Episode 4:A Little Night Music

Claudia assigned the Jennings two assignments. Philip is to monitor Soviet defector Anton Baklanov, while Elizabeth must try to get information from naval recruit Brad Mullen about the killing of the Connors. Meanwhile, the fallout from Dameran’s death puts FBI agent Frank Gaad’s job at risk, Oleg’s family influence gains him a higher security clearance and Paige’s new friend Kelli introduce her to a church organization.

Episode 5:The Deal

Assigned a new handler, Elizabeth introduces herself as Clark’s sister Jennifer as a cover up to smooth things over with Martha, and Philip works to clean up the mess of their last operation. Meanwhile, as Stan searches for a missing scientist, Oleg and Arkady continues their feud on the matters of taking matters in their own hands leaving Nina once again caught between the FBI and KGB.

Episode 6: Behind the Red Door

The agents’ latest mission involves a precarious naval officer who is inflicting danger to their family, and Elizabeth must work with Nicaraguan spy Lucia to infiltrate a congressman’s office. Meanwhile, Oleg meets Stan in an isolated warehouse and gives him an ultimatum – hand over the FBI surveillance logs pertaining to him within three days or he will blow Nina’s cover.

Episode 7: Arpanet

Kate relays orders for Philip to bug the Arpanet to monitor US government communications, which he accomplishes with the help of Duluth, while Larrick tells Elizabeth he has been ordered to Nicaragua. After consulting with Arkady and Oleg, Nina informs Stan she will take the FBI’s polygraph test.

Episode 8: New Car

Philip and Elizabeth face throbbing developments in their missions as their fellow spies fail to complete their tasks, while Stan tries to gain access to an American military programme that could give him the upper hand in his battle of wills with Oleg.

Episode 9: Martial Eagle

Philip is pushed to the edge of his conscience when he and Elizabeth gained access to a rebel training base, and the couple attend the church to which Paige has donated all her savings. Meanwhile, Stan discovers Sandra is having an affair.

Episode 10: Yousaf

On his latest assignment, Philip requests the help of Annelise, the Deputy Undersecretary of Defence’s wife, having previously worked with her to obtain photos of the defence secretary’s office. Stan on the other side, discovers something that could bring him closer to the KGB illegals.

Episode 11: Stealth

Philip befriends a former engineer to find out more about the stealth programme, Elizabeth is shocked when she uncovers new information about Kate, and Stan promises to protect Nina whatever the cost as he continues his pursuit of the spies.

Episode 12: Operation Chronicle

Arkady finally plays his hand, forcing Stan into an unenviable decision, Philip tries to prepare Fred for a crucial mission and Elizabeth rushes to get Jared out.

Episode 13: Echo

Philip and Elizabeth evacuate their children while trying to complete the mission; Stan holds Nina’s future in his hands.


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