Richard Thomas a.k.a Agent Gaad

Richard Thomas Infotainment

Richard ThomasRichard Earl Thomas

Birth Date: 13th June, 1951

Birthplace: New York, USA

Actor Since: 1958

Spouses: Georgiana Bischoff (1994-present)

The role of Agent Frank Gaad is played by Richard Thomas in The Americans. Gaad is an FBI agent during the Cold War period who leads his team to catch the Russian illegals in the USA. Richard Thomas has performed in several TV shows and movies former to The Americans. He has made many movies and documentaries on his own, a few of which are, Sisters of the Space Age (1974), AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Lillian Gish (1984), Riding the Rails (1997), CBS: The First 50 Years (1998), The American Experience (1999), The 70s: The Decade That Changed Television (2000), After They Were Famous (2002), CBS at 75 (2003), Sacred Stage: The Mariinsky Theater (2005), Sweet Tornado: Margo Jones and the American Theater (2006), Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Making ’12 Angry Men’ (2008), TV Land Moguls (2009), A Walton’s Family Reunion (2010), His Name Was Shad (2011) and Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age (2013).

Richard Thomas has appeared in a number of TV shows such as, The DuPont Show of the Month (1959) in episode: Oliver Twist as Oliver Twist, ‘Way Out (1961) in episode: The Croaker as Jeremy Keeler, Great Ghost Tales (1961) in episode: Srendhi Vashtar as Conradin, The Defenders (1961) in episode: The Boy Between as Johnny Remington, A Flame in the Wind (1964) as Chris Austen, Seaway (1965) in episode: Last Voyage as Martin Anderson, As the World Turns (1966-1967) as Thomas Christopher, Medical Center (1970) in episode: Runaway as Toby Tavormina, The F.B.I. (1971) in episode: The Game of Terror as John ‘Chill’ Chilton, Rod Serling’s Night Gallery (1972) in episode: The Sins of the Fathers/You Can’t Get Help Like That Anymore as Ian Evans, The Waltons (1971-1978) as John-Boy Walton, American Playhouse (1982-1990) in episodes: The Fifth of July and Andre’s Mother as Cal – Andre’s lover / Kenneth Talley Jr., Tales from the Crypt (1990) in episode: Mute Witness to Murder as Dr. Trask, The Outer Limits (1995) in episode: The New Breed as Dr. Stephen Ledbetter, Promised Land (1997-1998) in episodes: The Road Home: Part 2Two for the RoadA Hand Up Is Not a Hand Out: Part 1 and A Hand Up Is Not a Hand Out: Part 2 as Joe Greene, The Practice (1999) in the episode: Committed as Walter Arens, Just Cause (2002-2003) as Hamilton Whitney III, Century City (2004) in episode: Sweet Child of Mine as Dr. Brezak, Law & Order (2009) in episode: Dignity as Roger Jenkins, Rizzoli & Isles (2011) in episode: Rebel Without a Pause as Professor Dwayne Cravitz, BloodHounds, Inc (2011) as Robert Hunter, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2001-2013) in episodes: Scourge and Brief Interlude as Daniel Varney / Nat Randolph.

Richard Thomas appeared in several movies like, The Christmas Tree (1958) as Joey, A Doll’s House (1959) as Ivor, The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1971) as John-Boy Walton, The Thanksgiving Story (1973), The Silence (1975) as Cadet James Pelosi, Getting Married (1978) as Michael Carboni, No Other Love (1979) Andrew Madison, To Find My Son (1980) as David Benjamin, Johnny Belinda (1982) as William Richmond, Final Jeopardy (1985) as Marty Campbell, Common Ground (1990) as Colin Diver, Lincoln (1992) as John Hay (voice), Precious Victims (1993) as Don Weber, The Invaders (1995) as Jerry Thayer, Timepiece (1996) as Richard Evans, Big and Hairy (1998) as Victor Dewlap, Wonder Boys (2000) as Walter Gaskell, The Christmas Secret (2000) as Jerry McNeil, Anna’s Dream (2002) as Rod Morgan, Wild Hearts (2006) as Bob, Time after Time (2011) as Dick Kerm, The Music Teacher (2012) as Ray and many more.

Richard Thomas is the producer of Camping with Camus (2000). He is the co-producer of  What Love Sees (1996) and the co-executive producer of Summer of Fear (1996) and For All Time (2000). Richard also was the executive producer of  Living Proof: The Hank Williams, Jr. Story (1983) and he directed the TV series, The Waltons.


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