Season 2 Episode 3 Review The Walk In


This episode gave me flashbacks of when I was a kid. The 3rd offering of The Americans’ 2nd season is full of family stories. One of them that struck with me is when Henry (by the way, SPOILERS AHEAD) was making up stories to cover for her big sister. I too had a big sister and I was the stay at home type and my big sister always wanted to go out. Paige’s ability to make up lie after lie was a very strong indication that she got the spy genes from her mom and dad.

Another family story featured on the show is Leanne talking to Elizabeth. If you already forgot, Leanne and Emmett were the spy couple who were murdered in the hotel room. Anyway, it turns out that Leanne and Elizabeth knew each other back in 1966 (which makes everything extra sad). In that time, Elizabeth didn’t want any kids yet but Leanne was already gushing about her first born son. Leanne also made a pact of some sort with Elizabeth that in the event that they die, Elizabeth will deliver a letter to their son explaining their situation. She didn’t deliver the letter, maybe believing that it will be better for the remaining kid. She did console him though, so there’s that.

And I always say that it’s very obvious Elizabeth has become a total worrywart regarding the safety of her kids. Before, she didn’t bat an eye if both her and Philip will be thrust into a mission but when her husband tells her what the center wants she replies “Seriously, what about the kids?”

Speaking of kids, Paige is really upping her snooping game to the point that she goes to Aunt Helen to get some answers. And lo and behold, there is a real Aunt Helen complete with pictures of Elizabeth and baby Paige. And kudos to the KGB spy who was acting like aunt Helen cause she has got her act down. Sadly for Paige, her little excursion produced no real answers on why the heck her parents are so mysterious and busy. She gets home lying about her whereabouts and her father slams the lies in her face. Seriously, I had flashbacks myself back in the time when my parents were scolding me. If this episode’s goal was to make us remember how being a teenager was like then I say congratulations!

Back to Elizabeth and Philip’s mission which was to read an instrument panel. It was already moved but the propeller it makes is still around. Elizabeth searched the factory but was caught (sort of) by this janitor named Derek. Now, Derek is smart. He knows Elizabeth (who went by the name of Jackie) is not who she says she is. Elizabeth, switches to intimidation mode, and scared Derek. He gets his wallet and show Elizabeth his 3 kids, to try and escape his current situation. Hitting her soft spot, Mrs. Jennings let Derek live but without her taking a picture of Derek’s youngest son, Danny.

And by the way, Stan Beeman killed the walk-in. You remember him, from last episode? He was the World Bank employee who was doing laundry. Apparently, he  was a sniper about to kill some important people and Stan killed him.

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  1. I’ve started watching FX more because of The Americans. I found Justified. I go there now first to see what’s on before going anywhere else. I think that’s something the network likes about viewers. Keri Russell is phenomenal. I was vaguely aware of her as Felicity, thought she was a cute girl. The woman on this show just blows you away, an actress at the peak of her powers, sexy in a MILF sort of way, and when she ups and offs somebody its shocking and intriguing. But the whole show is wonderful, all the actors are good, even John Boy. I love this show.

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