The Americans and the Golden Globes


No Emmy love and no Golden Globe nominations for the critically acclaimed show. The Americans had a rough first year, if we’re talking about mainstream awards. The show had one award which was Best Outstanding New Show from the TCA or the Television Critics Association. Aside from the TCA award, The Americans is also included in the American Film Institute’s program of the year list, just one of the countless lists that hail The Americans as one of the best shows of 2013.

Although admittedly, there was no mainstream love for the show, the countless year ender lists that included The Americans will make the viewership rise for the 2nd season. There’s already a buzz in the internet with an increase of searches for watch The Americans and other related keywords. 2014 will be the year of The Americans, I can just feel it.

And now to set my sights on the Golden Globe nominations to which I want to say, nobody gives a rat’s ass about. Although the double G’s aren’t really taken seriously, it’s considered a litmus test to see if the coveted Emmys and Oscars are within arm’s reach.

One thing that I could say is that the Golden Globes is now the most entertaining awards show ever, thanks to the ground breaking hosting of Ricky Gervais which was followed by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The SNL alums will be hosting the awards show again so laughs can be expected. What I can’t really be sure about is who’s going to win the coveted awards.

Skipping the awards for the movies, let’s talk about the TV show awards. For best drama, Breaking Bad has the highest chance of winning. The Good Wife had a monster 5th season so it’s tied with Masters of Sex. Downton Abbey is still on the list this year, the question is why? And House of Cards is another contender but I doubt it will win.

For best actress in a drama the usual people are present. Juliana Margulies, Robin Wright, and Kerry Washington will most likely win the race. But Taylor Schilling did an excellent job in Orange is the New Black so who knows? But the darkest of dark horses is the wonderful Tatiana Maslany whose portrayal of the different clones in Orphan Black made her a stand out amongst other actresses. I hope she wins, she’s very deserving.

For best actor in a drama, Bryan Cranston is the leader, again, for Breaking Bad. 2013 is the year of the double B’s so with all the hype, there’s a very high chance that he will win. Surprisingly, Jeff Daniels, Emmy winner for best drama actor is absent from the list.

The last category that I want to talk about is the best comedy or musical. Brooklyn Nine Nine has some serious competition, no thanks to the comedy juggernaut Modern Family. Parks and Rec, Girls, and The Big Bang Theory are also nominated. It would just be fun to see a dark horse win so go Brooklyn Nine Nine!

Alas, no nominations for The Americans, better luck next year I guess.

Watch The Americans Season 2 on their premiere date on February 26, 10 pm on FX.

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