The Americans Included In Rolling Stones Top 20 TV Moments


TV has been especially good this year as it brought excellent new shows and a satisfying end to one of the best shows ever (Breaking Bad). Also, this year, we had the first season of The Americans, the very tasty addition to the otherwise bland spy show genre. I’m also thankful for Showtime’s Master of Sex, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Rectify, and Orphan Black. On the comedy side, the return of Arrested Development was a hit amongst the people and Netflix as well and I’m also grateful for Brooklyn Nine Nine for being funny ever since the pilot episode.

Although I may have some favourites, not all of them have been included in the Rolling Stones Top 20 TV Moments of 2013. I’m very glad that The Americans made the cut at lucky number 13! Aside from the great premise, they appreciated the choice of music for the show. Rolling Stone says…

“Two Russian spies pose as a suburban married couple in 1981, with sex, treachery and nuclear paranoia. It also has TV’s smartest soundtrack, especially when Roxy Music‘s poignant art-rock elegy “Sunset” plays as the KGB ships a baby back to Russia after they’ve killed its parents – just another pawn in the Cold War game.”

It’s no Emmy of Golden Globe award but I’ll take it! Aside from The Americans, a lot of shows, old and new, have been included. Here is the complete list:

20. Kanye West appearing in Jimmy Kimmel Live

19. Kevin Spacey’s trip to the Church on House of Cards

18. The Different Clones of Orphan Black

17. VH1’s biopic of TLC

16. Olivia and Fitz’s Closet Delight on Scandal

15. Stevie Nicks Soundtrack on American Horror Story: Coven

14. Bret Michaels Pimping Rides

13. The Cold War Romance of The Americans

12. “Get Lucky” Debacle on The Colbert Report

11. Red being Rad on Orange is the New Black

10. Golden Globe Awards’ Awesomeness Continues Thanks to Fey and Poehler

9. Kenny Powers’ being Kenny Powers on Eastbound and Down

8. Miley Cyrus Everywhere, but Especially on the VMA’s.

7. Lena Dunham Being Naked on Girls

6. Every time Key and Peele does Barrack Obama

5. The Veep Finale

4. The Very Talented Lizzy Caplan Joins in on the Sex Study

3. The Fall of the Mighty Don Draper

2. The Fall of the Dangerous Walter White

1. Everyone We Like Dies on Game of Thrones

The Rolling Stones has a pretty good taste when it comes to shows but I guess they’re still pretty biased with musical performers. I mean, Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels made the list? C’mon Rolling Stones! But overall I’m happy with the list especially when The Americans is included. Over all, 2013 was a really good year for TV. I hope next year is better. Happy Holidays everyone!

Season 2 of The Americans will air on February of 2014.

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