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I knew The Americans was good but I never knew the crew was capable of creating such a powerful episode. While watching the season 2 premiere, my jaw kept falling to the ground. It was like The Americans was on steroids; everything was bigger, bolder, and more shocking than ever. If you want another reason to watch this show then all you need to hear from me is that their 2nd season premiere is superb.

The episode starts with Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) coming out from a cabin. After she got shot from last season’s finale, it seemed that she was given time to recuperate physically and psychologically. From the cabin she drove her car and gets nervous by the sight of deer on the road. This suggests that she may have some issues with her nerves and they might tackle that for the season.

On the next scene, Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys) is talking with 2 Afghans in a restaurant. Philip is speaking with this Southern accent while wearing a cowboy suit and a brownish blond wig. Apparently, our main man is posing as an American supporter of the Afghans talking about monetary and weapon support. To make the story short Philip guns the two men but one of the Afghan’s decide to brawl it out. In the process, he rips off Philip’s wig which was an ode to the show’s notoriety for using wigs and costumes. Ultimately, Philip’s opponent dies and he exits through the back. He sees a seemingly innocent cook and says “It’s okay” and then shoots the young man in the head.

A reunion scene between Elizabeth and her kids follow the brutal scene. Apparently it’s Henry’s (Keidrich Sellati) birthday which was also used to check up the marriage of Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) and Sandra (Susan Misner). After the party, the kids were informed that Philip and Elizabeth will have a date to which Henry replied “Tonight? It’s my birthday.” There was no date but a mission that showed Keri Russell almost nude (the only they left to the imagination where her breasts) and having a threesome with a Chief Budget Officer of some corporation.

Paige’s (Holly Turner) curiosity is turning from innocent snooping to downright creepy as she walked in on her mom and dad doing the 69. Let that simmer for a bit.

And the last scene that I want to highlight is the reason why the episode was called Comrades. Philip received a message from someone and was tasked to give it to their comrades, another sleeper spy couple with kids, they were staying in a hotel. When Phillip and Elizabeth went to the hotel room, they find their friends dead, their heads bloodied by the bullets that entered their brains.

I didn’t highlight all of the scenes of the 2nd season’s premiere because I just want to show that The Americans is now realizing that if they are not handed the Emmys and The Golden Globes, then, they will take it by force! I don’t want to say that they are now just getting serious, because their first season was great, but I think the show is now on full blast. Watch out people, 2nd season will be crazy good.

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