The Americans Season 2 Episode 11 Review Stealth



Everyone is going gaga over stealth on The Americans. Back at the Mother Land, Anton the scientist doesn’t want to talk about his good accommodation and the babes that are given to him by Vasili. He only wants to talk about the fact that he only has one son and stealth. It seems that although he’s not happy with his current predicament, the scientist is now willing to work with the Russians to give them the ability to have “invisible” planes. Anton then gives Vasili a list of things he needs to make stealth planes. Aside from his ability to place parts of the plane on angles that will make it less noticeable by radar, he also needs “RAM” or Radar Absorbent Material and “Echo” a computer program that will test if the applied changes on the plane can really make it undetectable to radar. So with this, the mission of the week starts.

To get RAM, Philip befriends a cancer patient who previously worked on stealth. I have seen Zeljko Ivanek play a cancer patient on two shows now. One was for Banshee and now for The Americans. I also saw him on Suits and he played a douchebag FBI agent. Case in point, Ivanek is a wonderful actor and he was well suited for a show like The Americans. Anyway, Philip, in his hairiest wig and beard combo ever got the deal done and discovered that RAM was composed of iron balls suspended in paint. Now all the Russians need is Echo and that’s where Nina comes in.

For the season, Nina wasn’t really a spy spy. Yes, she fed some information to Stan and she reported everything that the FBI agent told him but she wasn’t doing any hardcore spy craft stuff (except for the polygraph test, I guess). But on this episode, she was summoned by Arkady and was basically told to be ready because it’s go time baby! It was also a good time to try to turn Beeman because Stan’s life is turning to, pardon my French, shit. However, there’s a catch. If Nina doesn’t successfully get Echo from Stan, she will be sent to Russia and face trial for treason.

There are a lot of things that went down on Stealth but the biggest of them all is Larrick tracking down where Kate lives and ultimately kills her. I don’t know how to feel about her death because as the episodes went by Kate started to grow on me but a part of me is glad because it’s a chance for Margo Martindale to be back. Since majority of the illegals operation on Washington is going downhill, Granny can make a return visit and act as extra Russian muscle. I pray to heaven that Claudia kills Larrick. Please writers, make this happen!

And at home, Paige is really playing the rebellious kid card. After stating that she is a prisoner in her own home (try telling that to a gagged up Kate) she acted like an adult and gave a convincing speech about how she is her own person and that she should be allowed to do things that interest her. Elizabeth finally said yes and I hope that’s the end of it because it’s getting pretty annoying.

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