The Americans Season 2 Spoilers


As we’re getting nearer and nearer to the premiere date in February, a lot of new information has come up related to the sophomore season of The Americans. The intel that I’m about to share with you came from the producers of the show, lets tackle them one by one.

Stan Beeman is going to have another rough season. The finale of the first season showed us a more loyal Nina so we know that it’s going to be trouble for the FBI agent.

“He’s got such an interesting season coming up,” said executive producer Jo Weisberg. “Nina is getting ahead of him. You see that at the end of the first season, and that’s such an interesting place for him to be in and so true and so real for what happens to people when you’re playing this back-and-forth game. People who are smart and good can have people get ahead of them because they are also smart and good at what they do too.”

The premiere episode will have a racy scene and it will most probably include Philip and Elizabeth Jennings. The first season was a bit rocky for their “unique” relationship so the first episode might cement the newfound love that they have for each other. The scene will also serve as a huge farewell to the first season’s theme of ‘marriage’ and it will eventually kick off the theme of ‘family’ that they’ll focus on the 2nd season.

Speaking of family, Paige will definitely continue her snooping ways, the making of a future spy indeed! We saw her last season trying to get information on why her parents always hang out on the laundry room. A trailer for the second season also shows Philip and Elizabeth knowing about the said snooping and discussing it. “it’s not going to go great,” says Executive Producer  Joel Fields. “Teenagers are hard,” adds Weisberg. “They’re all tough on mom and dad.

Margo Martindale is confirmed for several episodes in the 2nd season. Although she is busy with her network show The Millers, it’s not going to affect her role on The Americans. The producers are also saying that if The Americans will survive and be given a chance to shoot for a third season, Miss Martindale will definitely be back again.

As for Martha, she will have an interesting season as she is going to have a back bone against the very enigmatic “Clark”. “Who she was extremely lonely and extremely vulnerable and she’s less lonely this season, so it’s allowing her to grow,” says Weisberg. “It’s a law of unintended consequences,” adds Fields. Alison Wright, the actress who plays the character of Martha, has been upgraded to series regulars alongside Susan Misner and Annet Mahendru.  It’s going to be fun seeing Martha having a longer screen time, considering she has too because she’s married to one of Philip’s alter egos.

And speaking of wigs the producers know that the show is infamous because of all the fake hair they use on the show. They’re now contemplating on how to have a wig arc on The American’s second season.

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