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The best show to debut last year was The Americans. With the crew’s creative choices, the program was lifted to a level that no spy thriller has gone before. One of their boldest choices was to focus on the relationships of the players on the show rather than the nitty gritty of the whole spy business. Were they at a risk of making it appear as a soap opera? Perhaps. But thankfully they steered from making that happen and gave us a very satisfying new perspective of how spies and FBI agents operate.

Trust is often the theme for most of the episodes of the first season. Elizabeth Jennings trusted Russia, herself, and her former lover Gregory. Philip trusted his wife Elizabeth, and was torn between his loyalty to Russia and his new found affection to America. True to the show’s central theme which was marriage, Philip and Elizabeth had a rocky relationship in which the wife didn’t wholeheartedly trust his husband. Philip, who was in love with Elizabeth, got his feelings hurt when he knew about his wife’s trust issues with him. At the end of the first season, all of their problems with trust dissolved as their love re-kindled. The 2nd season will still talk about trust but it will involve their kids, especially the curious first born, Paige.

Sex is another big thing for the show. Not that it’s a tool used to attract viewers or gain notoriety by using sexual scenes. The truth is, and you probably know it already, sex is a big part of being a spy. Regular readers of this website will know the term “Honey Pot” where in a spy agent will use sex to lure, deceive, or get information from a target. From the first season, there have been a handful of sex scenes that were instrumental to explain to us the reality of how espionage operates.

The first sexual scene on the show is when we saw Elizabeth being raped by a high commanding officer. Aside from gaining pleasure, the officer made it look like a training session to teach the young Elizabeth that the real world is not fair. On the other side of the marriage, Philip is often seen seducing Martha, and ultimately bringing her to bed and even marrying her. This is also based on the truth that spies married secretaries that worked for Government agencies to gain information.

As for rock and roll, it was an honest attempt to create a feeble “click bait” title for this article. Nonetheless, rock and roll is also a part of the show as the executive producers have great taste in picking music for the show. Just recently, FX has released a promo for the show showing Philip and Elizabeth in bed. They toss and turn and create a blurry hammer and sickle, a strong symbolism that pertains to Russia. While the couple is creating the said imagery, the background music is Sting’s Russian, a very fitting song that complements the video very well.

Expect the genius of The Americans to continue on the 2nd season. It will premiere on February 26, 10 PM on FX.

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