The Americans Showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields talk to Andy Greenwald

*SPOILER ALERT* (If you haven’t seen the entirety of ‘The Americans’ first season then I highly suggest that you stop reading.)

Click the link below to listen to the podcast:

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It has been months since the finale of FX’s breathtaking series ‘The Americans’ and clearly, the show has made its mark. There is no denying that ‘The Americans’ is the best new show of last season and I’m not to positive that a better show will come out this season. For the mean time let’s listen to Andy Greenwald talk to the showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel fields. Some of the topics they discussed include:

–          Joe’s past as a CIA trainee.

–          The showrunner’s choices for the music in the show.

–          The goal of the show and the finale.

–          What melts Elizabeth Jenning’s heart.

–          The future of the show including Paige’s suspicions of her parents, the uncertainty of Margo Martindale’s character Claudia, Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) as a possible double-agent,  and the other characters

–          Performances that they liked and the actors that lived through the first season.

–          The historical basis for Alison Wright’s character Martha.

–          How Keri Russell ended up with the role of Elizabeth Jennings

–          The Soviet technology for realistic looking wigs

–          What’s the deal with Nina? Is she a double agent, or a triple? Don’t want to do the math? Then listen to the podcast!

This is such a treasure trove of information. It’s only 49 minutes, but I think it’ll be enough to get me through this week. Happy listening!

  1. I did watch every episode of the first season. I think Annet Mahendru a.k.a Nina is beautiful. She’s a very engaging actress and I can see this launching her career to new heights. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her appear on the big screen, not just in indi films, but in big Hollywood studio films. I’ll tune into the podcast to see if there is definitive word on a green light for a second season.

  2. Any aspiring creative writer always loves to hear from the writers of a successful film or show, especially a show like The Americans. The episode scripts are filled with so many details that it makes me wonder whether the writers are just being creative or if they actually researched some of this stuff like the technology of that circa 70’s era. I guess I should tune into the interview to find out for myself.

  3. If “Argo” gave you a yen to see great character actors wear mustard-colored clothing and play beleaguered intelligence types, you should definitely give “The Americans” a sustained try: Noah Emmerich, in particular, is terrific as that new neighbor who becomes suspicious of the Jennings. I also like how Stan Beeman, has a fascinating way of saying innocuous things in a genial manner that is ever-so-vaguely threatening.

  4. This isn’t something that I watch but from the raving remarks and thing I have read and heard about it I am going to have to start watching these shows. It is like the Mr.& Mrs. Smith right but they both know they are spies? Can you get season one anywhere so I can catch up with everything going on. Keep posting this stuff I am learning a lot about the show.

  5. I noticed that this podcast is recorded within the Grantland network. I like that media organization mainly for sports. They have some pretty good writers. I just did not realize that they delved into TV production subject matter. I thought they were just a sports media channel, but I guess they cover all things that are cultural. I look forward to hearing more about what is in the works for season 2 of The Americans.

  6. Talk about being a fan. I have never seen such a passionate following to a TV show. I do like the show. I think it is really unique. It is an interesting creative vision about a time during the cold war that happens to be shrouded in mystery for a lot of people who are not political zealots or science majors. It looks really realistic from wardrobe to scene locations to the gadgets of that time period.

  7. I have not watched this show before but from all the blogs on this new season coming up I am going to have to check it out. Thank you for all the posts that you have done on this I am looking forward to reading the rest of them as they come out and hope that you have more details into what is going to happen this fall.

  8. I am glad they are looking at Paige’s suspicion of her parents finally it is only obvious that something isn’t right there and to have Paige get suspicious of them would make the show even that much more interesting to see how they are going to hide their true identity from a family member. This could get really interesting this season.

  9. I am glad that the FX network has picked up its critically acclaimed drama, The Americans for a 13-episode second season. It deserved to be renewed. It is truly unique with its time period art direction. I just think the show should have been nominated for an award for its art direction, at the very least. Maybe next year, it will get much deserved recognition.

  10. I think this show is truly unique. Everything, from the wardrobe to the hairstyles, to the locations look so circa late 70’s early 80’s. How they pulled of outdoor locations that fit that time era is nothing short of incredible. That is some top notch location scouting. If this show ever gets nominated for a TV award, it should be or art direction and they should even create a new category for location scouting.

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