The Americans Snubbed at Emmys


It seems like the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences were watching different shows than us this past year. I don’t watch ALL of the shows who have been nominated but I do watch 5 out of 6 shows in the best drama category (all of them except ‘Mad Men’) and I’m really disappointed ‘The Americans’ didn’t make the cut. I love ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, they really deserve to be in that category. I can’t vouch for ‘Mad Men’ because I didn’t really find it interesting, because it’s too slow. Speaking of too slow, ‘Downton Abbey’, yes, I watch the show, and I really like it. I may be even in love with it, but does it really deserve its spot on the best drama series list? C’mon! It’s a show about rich people, butlers, and maids. Sure it’s entertaining and very appealing (although I don’t know why) but is it really better than Russian spies living in the states as Americans?

I also saw ‘House of Cards’ and for me it was okay. It had Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and everybody knew they were aiming for a tag team of best supporting actor nominations. And they’re on Netflix, so the academy had to bend to the trend and put these shows like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Arrested Development’ on the nominee list. As I said, ‘House of Cards’ was okay. It was directed for more mature audiences, as in really mature so the appeal wasn’t that strong, at least for me.

My biggest beef is with ‘Homeland’. I followed the 1st season of this show religiously. It was so great. The first few episodes of the second season came along and it blew my mind. The show spilled all of its secrets for the first few episodes and it was glorious, the starting episodes of its sophomore season were some of the best TV in recent years. But then I wondered, wouldn’t they be out of gas for the next episodes? And they did run of out of ideas. The middle season up to the finale was awful. Is the Academy’s nomination for ‘Homeland’ justified, maybe it is, but their basis is not solid.

Well, it’s just a signal for the entire crew of ‘The Americans’ to make it better, it’s a challenge, but they have to take it. Let’s just be glad that at least they had two nominations, and I hope they both win!


 Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
The Americans • FX Networks • Fox Television Studios and FX Productions
Margo Martindale as Claudia

Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music
The Americans • FX Networks • Fox Television Studios and FX Productions
Nathan W. Barr, Music by

  1. I was up early the morning when the Golden Globes were announced. I agree with the author of this article that Game of Thrones and House of Cards deserved nominations. Finally the antiquated academy gets a little progressive thinking and nominates Netflix series. But I felt nausea that the academy continues to nominate Mad Men and Homeland. I’ve watched every episode of both and they’re both on the decline, yet they keep getting awarded because of narrow minded people who vote.

  2. It’s a well known fact that there is always someone or some show that gets snubbed every year and at every award show. That is one of the reasons (I said ONE) why there are several awards shows. Usually, when someone gets snubbed for one award, they are usually rewarded in another. One example comes from several years ago when Johnny Depp was snubbed for an Oscar for his performance as Jack Sparrow, but he won the SAG for best actor.

  3. This show is a brisk period drama, which may do for Guess jeans and boxy cars what “Mad Men” did for slicked-back hair and narrow-lapel suits, In the pilot’s bravura opening sequence (which should send a classic Fleetwood Mac sequence shooting up the iTunes chart), I loved how the spies are in full-on “Three Days of the Condor” mode, but soon, they’re baking brownies, going to the mall and checking on the kids’ homework.

  4. I have never watched this show and they are on season two already? Do you happen to know if you can get season one on video so that I could watch the first season and then maybe understand what everyone was talking about. Thank you for posting the comments as well, sounds like some pretty grumpy people.

  5. If there is one thing I have been yearning for, it is a dark, complex 1980s Cold War drama in which you could end up rooting for a pair of embedded KGB spies to stay ahead of the unpleasant Americans who want to thwart them. Well, my prayers have been answered with this unique show. One of the producers of this show also works on another of my favorite FX TV series: Justified.

  6. With awards shows come the inevitable snubs and oversights, and the Emmys are no different. There are the shows and actors who get passed over for nominations year after year. Then there are the cases in which an actor or show is nominated — sometimes repeatedly — only to be ignored each time the winner is announced. Which is worse? It really is hard to say. It’s like asking, is it better to have loved than to never have been hurt?

  7. I am not really surprised at the fact that this was snubbed at the emmy’s I didn’t think they did a great job on their show this last season. Thank you for posting this it Is helpful for people to be able to make their own opinion about this. Keep posting stuff like this and let them make their own opinion just like you are. Keep up the good work.

  8. I have never seen a more dedicated fan base then what this show has and maybe that is because it is new really and the older it gets the longer it is on the more fans die out or something but this is incredible. Maybe people are living a fantasy through them of being a spy because you know that is one thing that has always looked fun sense James Bond.

  9. Well in all honesty I can see why they were snubbed, they did better this year than the other shows did so you have your typical jealousy that takes over. I realize that they might not win anything but that doesn’t mean that the people don’t like them. Keep up the good work this season might just be different.

  10. I was shocked that Breaking Bad was in the line up and the Americans weren’t that is just crazy to me that is a terrible show about a guy doing nothing but bad things and this is a show about spys of course but they aren’t bad people. It goes to show you what the pulse of society really is doesn’t it. Thank you for posting it gave me a chance to vent.

  11. I couldn’t believe that shows that actually made it on the line up this year and the shows that should have and got cut during the season and all that crude. I was really shocked that Americans didn’t go further than it did in the line up. Thank you for posting this you did a great job and the more I think about it the more I think they were robbed.

  12. You guys are well aware of Annet Mahendru who plays Russian spy Nina and Alison Wright who portrays FBI secretary Martha, right? Well, they have been promoted to regulars. And speakSeason 2, it is expected to begin production in the fall. I for one, am looking forward to it. This could be the break out season for the show that it needs to be nominated for a TV award like an Emmy or Golden Globe.

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