The Americans: Stunts and Pyrotechnics

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There are a lot of great shows on TV these days, but what sets ‘The Americans’ apart is the great action. If you’ve ever wondered how the stunts and pyrotechnics in the show are created then wonder no more. Here is a video on how they make those action packed scenes:

Click the link to watch the video:

In the video we the people involved in the production of the actions scenes. Props men, stunt men, the director, and even some actors who do their own action scenes.

Here some of the transcripts from Stunt Coordinator Blaise Corriga, Director Bill Johnson, and Keri Russell.

Blaise Corrigan  (Stunt Coordinator): “So every moment of the script, when we get the scripts when they go out, my job is to look at that and look at every moment where there is potential for someone to get hurt, or if there’s fighting, or falling, or whatever, I pull those moments out. ”

Bill Johnson (Director): “Keri is so game, so willing. She does a lot of her own stunts. She will endure very tough conditions and always maintain good cheer.”

Keri Russell: “It’s fun. I guess growing up being a dancer, it’s sort of an extension of that. Obviously if you can do your own stunts it’s better for camera because you’re seeing the person’s face do it.”

It’s amazing to see how these people do what they do. Kudos to the stuntmen and the pyrotechnicians. Watch the video and again be amazed by what Keri Russell can do.

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