The Nuclear Arms Race Infographic Preview

As avid fans of The Americans, we have just set out to create some original artwork for our readers. The first creative piece we are working on is an info graphic on the nuclear arms race in the 80’s. We have just contracted with our designer and he has produced a sketch for us to review.

We would love to get your feedback and comments in the section below. If you want additional states, have suggestions on color, or other creative ideas, please share them. If we decide to incorporate them we will be giving you credit on the info graphic itself. We are taking suggestions for the next week, so act fast.



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  1. Cool idea asking for feedback. I think you should add a graphic for the number of times the total arsenal could destroy the world. I always heard that quoted, like there are enough warheads to blow up the world 3 times or something. That would be cool to mention.

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