The Worst TV Shows of 2013


The end of the year calls to celebrate the best things that happened to our world. Well, we can also pinpoint what we hate in the hopes that they will not be repeated again. I’m talking about the worst TV shows of 2013. Television programs that make me want to get the sledge hammer and smash my TV into smithereens. Here are some of them:


Oh, I still rue the day that I wasted 30 minutes of my life watching that crap. I usually have lower standards for comedy, meaning if it’s entertaining and makes me laugh, then I don’t care too much about story or acting. But Dads was such a complete borefest. I didn’t even laugh once, ONCE!

Season 4 of Community

Community is very dear to my heart as it is my favorite comedy show of all time. They are critically lauded but don’t have high ratings. Due to the ratings problem, Dan Harmon, the creator and show runner was booted out in the 4th season. Without the genius of Harmon, Community in its 4th was the worst of all the seasons. Although I love Community, it deserves to be on this list. Next year will be another story though as Dan Harmon will be taking the reins one more. Redemption sir. REDEMPTION.


I still had high hopes for Homeland even though the 2nd season was a complete roller coaster of TV quality. When I say roller coaster, it’s the type where you start really high and drop down until there are no more tracks and you are sent crashing on the theme park parking lot. I tried to watch the 3rd season, I really did. But why waste time when you’re not being entertained anymore?

The Michael J. Fox Show

Will all due respect to Mr. Fox, your show sucks. I love Back to The Future and you as an actor. I totally respect you taking jabs against Parkinson’s disease but again, your show sucks. Your sitcom is filled with cliché characters from 90s family sitcoms. Nothing edgy, nothing different. Mr. Fox you’re still very charming, but your charm is wasted on a show with no wanting of excellence.

Under the Dome

How I wanted Under the Dome to be good. Breaking Bad was still on the air when Dean Norris made the move to network TV. What kind of move? Well, downhill considering how Bad was so good. It was so good that I believe Mr. Norris will never top his work on Breaking Bad. I kid of course. Hopefully he gives us something that makes up for how bad Under the Dome is.

I’m sure there are a lot more shows that are worthy of our hatred (I haven’t even touched reality TV yet) But because it’s the holidays, I’ll stop with 5. How about you? Do you disagree with my list or do you want to add more? Feel free to comment and include shows that you hated in 2013. Again, happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Dads is a funny show much funnier than Brooklyn 99 that should be cancelled I can’t believe that crap got an award

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