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It’s getting closer and closer! The premiere of season 2 of The Americans I mean. And recently, the award winning fearless cable network, FX has presented us with two teaser trailers for the sophomore season of our favourite spy show! Have you seen them already? I sure have and all I can say is its pure excitement, fear, and suspense! I guess we can expect more heart stopping scenes in the future episodes which is good. But I could also go for some lovey dovey moments from Philip and Elizabeth especially when they left us with a hand holding scene where Mrs. Jennings is injured on a bed while she says “Come Home” in Russian. Awww. Well, on to the details about the two new teaser trailers.

The first trailer is titled Hidden and first shows a dark closet with clothes on hangers while viewers can hear a man entering the room. The man can be then heard dialling the telephone and saying “I didn’t tell them anything” while the camera pans across to the right, showing Philip and Elizabeth Jennings hiding inside the said closet. It’s chilling and mysterious at the same time. Based from this teaser, it’s safe to say that the spy couple will be back doing what they do best.

The second teaser is longer, and looks more like a promo trailer rather than a real part of the 2nd season, but we can never really tell for sure. It starts with the whole Jennings family sitting at the table. The children, Paige and Henry get up, as their parents stay. The lighting turns to red and the couple starts to play Russian roulette. The gun is spinning in the middle of the table, loaded with one bullet. Elizabeth grabs the gun, points it at her own head and squeezes the trigger. Phillip blinks as he hears the gun click, anticipating the shot that never came. The gun is then shown spinning again at the center of the table. Its Philip’s turn to shoot so he grabs the gun, squeezes it, and luckily evades death. Another bullet is loaded and the spinning and clicking repeated until the couple had enough and both reached for the gun and stopped it from spinning.

What I can say from the two teasers is that they’ll be back to their usual formula of a great spy show that focuses on the marriage. Although Joel Fields has said that they’ll focus more on the family this time: “The last season was an exploration of marriage. We hope to explore family more in the second season,” which I guess is true based from the ending of the first season where Paige is seen snooping on the infamous laundry room.

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The Americans season 2 will have its premiere episode on the 2nd of February, 2014 on FX.

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