Why The Americans is So Good


If you haven’t seen ‘The Americans’, I highly suggest that you should watch it right now. American TV has been so good lately, and a lot of people have agreed that TV is now better than Cinema.

Well, briefly, I’ve never done a television series before. I sort of feel like there’s a lot of interesting work happening in television, a lot of great writing and material being developed, in some ways more risky and edgy and interesting than what’s happening in the cinema. So I was open to the notion of doing a series; it seems like where the good work is happening.” – Noah Emmerich

But the American films I like now do not come from Hollywood studios but from television series, like ‘Mad Men’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Americans‘” – Bernardo Bertolucci

As movie theaters switch from film to digital projection, home flat-screens take up a wall, Blu-Ray discs exhume masterpiece-painting volumes of color and intricate detail from popular releases, and the unholy moviegoing experience cries out for human-pest control, cinema has lost its sanctuary allure and aesthetic edge over television, which as a medium has the evolutionary advantage.” – James Wolcott

So there’s the proof, TV is better than the movies, now why watch ‘The Americans’? Watch ‘The Americans’ because it’s entertaining and deep at the same time. TV shows lately, with the ‘Breaking Bad’, and the ‘Mad Men’, and the ‘Game of Thrones’ throws in too many dialogue. I’m not saying their bad, but haven’t we had too much of these kind of shows? Yes, they’re entertaining too, but what they tend to do is bore us with a lot of talking then come up with an explosive moment or a cliff hanger at the end. ‘The Americans’ have great dialogue and have great action. The stories are intricate and very complex. The characters are so interesting and the relationships that they have is just mind blowing.

It’s not just a show about spies, nor a show about FBI agents. It’s the connections that they have and the inherent irony that is always present in the stories. Someone might say that the show is too coincidental, or everything is blown out of proportion, but we are always reminded that these kind of things did happen. When I’m entertained by this show, by the action or the great dialogue, I always forget that this show was based on reality. And when I remember, I am blown away once more.

Watch it, watch it now. You won’t regret it.

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