The Americans Lose Emmy

9-18-2013 12-25-28 AM

Sadly, Margo Martindale didn’t win the Emmy for Guest Actress in a Drama. It really takes a toll for us, and me as a fan of ‘The Americans’ to see the wonderful Ms. Martindale lose in that category. I’ve watched every episode of ‘The Americans’ first season and I was so delighted when I saw “Granny” sitting a few feet away from Phillip and his daughter Paige. Margo just exudes this aura that is kind and comforting, but knowing that this show is on FX, and it’s about spies, secrets, and lies, I was sure that there are layers upon layers of complexity within Margo’s character.

Each scene with her was a blessing. There are certain actors that automatically make something better with just their presence, Margo is that kind of actor. On the top of my head, some of her best scenes in the first season was her talks with Elizabeth, but the most memorable scenes are when she got beat up and when she slit a man’s throat.

She had this to say on what episode she sent the Academy for her Emmy nomination:

“I did 10 but I picked the last episode, where I got to be somebody else and slit that guy’s throat. I really love killing people. [Laughs]”

But I guess that wasn’t enough to nab her 2nd Emmy (the first one was for Justified). The winner, ‘The Good Wife’s Carrie Preston was a fine actress and I’m sure she deserved that win. She was very good in ‘The Good Wife’ and brought quirkiness to the show, she truly is a great actress.

But no matter, I bet Margo is still having a blast. Her new show ‘The Millers’ will premiere on October 3 and the reviews of the critics are okay, at least for the show. The good news is, Margo is killing it. Don’t believe me, watch the preview of ‘The Millers’ and judge for yourself.

I’ll be patiently waiting for October 3 and see the whole episode. For now, I would like to congratulate Ms. Martindale for the show, and say better luck next time to her and ‘The Americans’. You may have lost today, but the future will hold more opportunities.

Visit the link to watch ‘The Millers’ preview.


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