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Is Edward Snowden a Russian spy? At least that’s what Senate Intelligence Select Committee chairwoman Diane Feinstein (Democratic Senator – California) and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman Mike Rogers (Republican representative – Michigan) are implying. The duo says that the former NSA contractor was working for a Russian Spy agency during his time in Hawaii last year and before he shared thousands of classified documents.

The allegations are strong, but the hard fact is, the lawmakers couldn’t present evidence. All they could say is that it’s highly unlikely that Russia would help an American without having strong with it.

“I have no information to that effect. I’ve never seen anything to that effect. I’ve asked some questions since and nothing has been forthcoming,” Feinstein said.

Even with no evidence, Feinstein and Rogers are still implying that Snowden was working for Russia, or any other foreign country.

“Let me just say this. I believe there’s a reason he ended up in the hands, the loving arms, of an FSB agent in Moscow,” Rogers said, referring to Russia’s intelligence agencies.

The Republican representative even describes Snowden as a “thief who we believe had some help.”

Snowden said in an encrypted interview that he “clearly and unambiguously acted alone, with no assistance from anyone, much less a government.” He added, “It won’t stick…. Because it’s clearly false, and the American people are smarter than politicians think they are.”

The infamous leaker also argued “Why Hong Kong?” And why, then, was he “stuck in the airport forever” when he reached Moscow? Spies get treated better than that.”

The NBI disagrees with what the Senator and the Representative said. Based from the report of the New York Times:

“Nearly a year later, however, there has been no public indication that the F.B.I.’s investigation of Mr. Snowden’s actions, bolstered by separate “damage assessment” investigations at the N.S.A. and the Pentagon, has uncovered evidence that Mr. Snowden received help from a foreign intelligence service. A senior F.B.I. official said on Sunday that it was still the bureau’s conclusion that Mr. Snowden acted alone.”

Aside from denying the allegations, Snowden commented on how the media handles the reporting:

“It’s not the smears that mystify me,” Snowden said. “It’s that outlets report statements that the speakers themselves admit are sheer speculation.” He went on to poke fun against the accusations thrown at him “ ‘We don’t know if he had help from aliens.’ ‘You know, I have serious questions about whether he really exists.’ ”

Snowden continued, “It’s just amazing that these massive media institutions don’t have any sort of editorial position on this. I mean, these are pretty serious allegations, you know?” He continued, “The media has a major role to play in American society, and they’re really abdicating their responsibility to hold power to account.”

Snowden believes that he is really trying to help America and not damage it.

“Due to extraordinary planning involved, in nine months no one has credibly shown any harm to national security” he continued by stressing that even “the President himself admitted both that changes are necessary and that he is certain the debate my actions started will make us stronger.”

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