The Americans Season 4 Promo – Here Comes Trouble

The Americans returns to our screens on March 16th. We started getting teasers for the 4th season a few weeks ago. The teasers showed our favorite commie spies drawing their guns to shoot before the camera glitches, and reveals they are pointing the weapons at their own backs.

The third teaser in the series has both the Jennings pointing their guns only to reveal in the glitch that they are pointing them at Paige. This is obviously meant to show us that Paige’s discovery of her parents allegiances last season will have serious repercussions in season 4. This idea is backed up by the revelation that episode 2 of season 4 will be named Pastor Tim.

The first real season 4 trailer, named “Trouble” seems to verify the issues arising from Paige’s discovery of her parents true occupation along with how her new found religious attitude may affect her decision making process in regards to how to handle the fact that her parents are communist spies. (after all, Soviet communism and Christianity do not go well together).

What else can we learn from this juice 30 seconds of undercover anxiety? Paige’s payphone apology seems to be insinuating that she does turn them in, as does the KGB’s talk of extracting someone. We see this same sentiment being portrayed in a conversation between Gabriel and Claudia. Gabriel wants to pull them out, and Claudia wants to leave them in.

The second trailer for The Americans season 4 to be released is called “Never Know”. This trailer seems a bit more focused on Stan with shots of going through files, stake outs, Nina, and Stan taking polaroid’s in what could be the Jennings kitchen. The trailer ends with Martha telling Stan “I guess you never really know a person, do you?” This seems to be pointing to Stan figuring out that his neighbors are spies… but also hints that maybe Martha figures out her husband isn’t who he says he is either…

What are you hoping for in season 4? Is it time for Elizabeth to give Claudia another butt whoopin? Will Stan or Martha find out the true identities of the Jennings? What will become of Nina? Can you wait until March 16th?

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