Sweden Reportedly Aided USA to Spy on Russia


A Swedish television program has reported that, based from leaked documents from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), Sweden aided the United States of America in spying against the Russians.

The Swedish program said that they have acquired the important files from Glenn Greenwald, the person responsible for bringing forth former NSA contactor Edward Snoweden’s leaks to the attention of the world.

Mr. Greenwald posted tweets about the issue:

“Key to our series of stories this week in Sweden: 1) Sw govt has been lying to citizens about neutrality; 2) much NSA/FRA spying is economic”

“Key to our new NSA story in Sweden: still more **economic espionage by the US and its allies”

All of this explosion of secret information being exposed to the whole world has been started by Edward Snowden early this year. He has leaked crucial information like a global spying program created by the NSA which brought upon international criticism. The U.S. said that all of the spying that they have done became possible with the aid of multiple intelligence agencies of different countries, one of them is Sweden.

The Swedish television program referred to a document dated April 18 saying that the National Defense Radio Establishment (FRA) of Sweden, which is responsible for electronic communications surveillance, had aided the United States in providing information on Russia.

“The FRA provided NSA … a unique collection on high-priority Russian targets, such as leadership, internal politics,” the Swedish program quoted from the said document.

The Sweden defense minister, Karin Enstrom, has admitted that they are indeed working with other countries but failed to specify which ones.

“It is very important to have a defence intelligence cooperation so that we can keep track of external threats to Swedish interests,” said Ms. Enstrom.

“That we cooperate is something very natural. We build our security in cooperation with other countries and other organizations.”

In a completely different leaked NSA document, high ranking NSA officials were told to “”thank Sweden for its continued work on the Russian target, and underscore the primary role that FRA plays as a leading partner to work the Russian target, including Russian leadership and counterintelligence.”

At the moment, Edward Snowden is in Russia, where he was granted asylum in August for at least one year. He is also included in Time’s person of the Year list alongside different personalities like Pope Francis, President Barrack Obama, Senator Ted Cruz, Miley Cyrus, and others. In May, Edward Snowden had an interview with Greenwald and had this to say about the whole scandal.

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