5 Ways To Watch The Americans For Free

Watch The AmericansWatch The Americans

Now that The Americans Season 3 has ceased, we feel something is missing on our TV these days! The number 1 period drama on TV is what’s disappeared from our lives and me miss them immensely! Those of you who have recorded the TV show episodes, job well done! But those who haven’t are sadly not able to watch The Americans, well atleast not on the TV screens. But that has never stopped us, net-savvy people, from watching our favorite TV shows. If you are one of those who love to watch your favorite episodes over and over again until it sinks in (mush like myself) or missed out on any of The Americans episodes, fret not, because here we are to help you out!

We’ve put together a list with a number of possible ways for you to watch The Americans, hassle free, whenever you want and where ever you wish!  So choose your favorite and most convenient option, sit on a comfy-chair, get some snacks and enjoy your favorite show.

1) Watch The Americans with HULU

Watch The AmericansIn the site every episode is available 8 days after being aired, so luckily enough, you can watch the whole of The Americans Season 1 with no difficulties, what-so-ever! The best part is that the site holds additional clips like, behind the scene videos of The Americans which you are bound to enjoy.


3) Watch The Americans on Amazon Prime


Although not technically free, Amazon Prime members can watch The Americans free. (You just need to be a Prime member and that costs $99.00 per year). Season 1 and 2 are free for Prime members, but Season 3 is not (that may change when season 4 starts on March 16th 2016). If you are already a Prime member, then it is free. Prime also includes thousands of TV shows and movies streaming, deals on shipping, kindle books and music. If you are not a Prime member, they offer a 30 day free trial

4) Watch The Americans with FXNOW

watch-the-americans-on-fxnowIf you have a cable TV package, then you can sign in to FXNOW, and watch The Americans on their site or with their app. FXNow only allows recent episodes, so their are none available right now, but they do have clips, and teasers for the upcoming season. Once the next season begins, they will be up the day after they air on FX. Their is no additional cost for FXNow provided you already have a cable account. Unfortunately, this option does not give you access to previous seasons, only the season currently on air.


5) Watch The Americans with iTunes

watch-the-americans-on-itunesiTunes. If you are like me, then iTunes is the way to go. I just buy the season and watch whenever I want. The purchase saves to the cloud, so if I want to watch an episode on my desktop, I do. If I want to watch on my AppleTV, I do, If I want to watch on my iPad, I do, if I want to watch on my iPhone, I do. Buying the season on iTunes is definitely my favorite way to watch The Americans online. It isn’t free, but in SD it is only $1.99 an episode, and in HD it is $34.99 for the whole season. Episodes are available the day after they air on TV so you will never be behind




These in no way are the only options for how you can watch The Americans but they definitely are few of the best and will cover your need whether you wish to stream or download or buy the episodes, the post has it all for you. We do not want any fan of The Americans to miss out on the show, so we have something here for each of you!

  1. I loved the series, it was so well done! Can’t wait until new season starts, must admit I have watched each episode at least twice,

  2. FX is showing them after midnight in the early morning on Thursdays. Set your DVR!

  3. Is Fox showing prior season’s episode on late nite Thursday??? thanks

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