Steamy Pictures: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys pose for GQ Magazine

kerri-russell-matthew-rhysIn a series of sexy pictures released by GQ Magazine, Keri Russell straddles Matthew Rhys, her on screen (and possible off-screen) love interest. Russell is dressed in lingerie, while the ever dapper Rhys cuts a suave figure in suit and tie.

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As Rhys has mentioned many a time in recent interviews, Russell enjoys a playful punch. “The smack usually comes the second before they say ‘Action,’” Rhys says of Russell’s pre-take pump-up routine. “Basically, I am starting every scene with a slightly shocked look on my face and a red handprint on my cheek.”

Keri also spoke more of her character, Elizabeth Jennings. “I love that she’s a mom who doesn’t always get it right,” Russell says of her character, Elizabeth Jennings. “She’s making a bologna sandwich for her kids one minute and then blowing a guy in a hotel for intel the next.” She continues: “There’s a lot of action, definitely some tits and ass showing. But it has a psychological-thriller element I think really appeals to women.”

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